Hakkari Ski House Works in Progress

Hakkari Ski House Work in Progress: Hakkari, 'Ski House Project' within the scope of the construction work is underway to complete the works.

12 at the distance from the city at the height of 2800 Merga Butane Plateau 2010 in the winter season with the shelters and containers to serve the public as a result of insufficient remaining ski resort building, the public will be given healthier services said. With the initiatives of Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports and with the contributions of Provincial Special Administration of Hakkari Governorship, the construction works of the facilities built within the scope of İ Ski House Project Yay in Merga Bütan Plateau continue uninterruptedly. 2 monthly work of the Special Provincial Administration team as a result of the 900 meters of ski runs 100 meters extended to a thousand 50 meters with the 200 XNUMX meter said.

It was stated by the company that the ski house building, which should be completed in September of 2014, is still intense due to some problems caused by the related company. Authorities, the two-storey building is expected to be commissioned in November and the roof floor of the first floor of the building materials and changing rooms, the second floor will have a full cafeteria and a large balcony, said the roof floor will be used as a VIP lounge.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:48

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