Bus and tram fares in Gaziantep

Raising bus and tram ticket prices in Gaziantep: Bus, dolmuş and tram ticket prices were revised in Gaziantep.
According to a statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, the Directorate of Transport Coordination (UKOME) has regulated bus, dolmus and tram ticket prices to prevent unfair competition in urban transportation. According to this arrangement, according to the types of vehicles determined by the type of public transportation as follows:
Student tickets for buses of Metropolitan Municipality 75 kuruş, student tickets for private public buses 1 lira 25 kuruş.
Discounted tickets on buses belonging to Metropolitan Municipality 1 lira 25 kuruş, full ticket 1 lira 60 kuruş.
75 penny in the light rail (tram) student ticket, a ticket to the discounted ticket, if the full ticket is 1 lira 50 penny.
1 pounds 50 penny, discount tickets 1 lira 75 penny, full ticket 2 lira 25 penny.
Student tickets for buses carrying passengers to Yavuzeli district 2 lira, discounted tickets 2 lira 50 kuruş, full ticket 3 lira.
4 lira 30 penny transportation fee on buses carrying passengers to the airport.
In the meantime, the regulation will be valid as of November 1 reported.

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