Check-in between the freeway tolls in Gaziantepteki free

Entrance and exits between freeway tolls in Gaziantepteki are free: In Gaziantep, vehicle entrances between the East, West and North stations will now be free of charge.
Highways 5. According to the statement made by the Regional Directorate of Gaziantep, West, East and North stations between the passage of vehicle fees, the Council of Ministers said the decision was removed.
The statement published in the Official Gazette stated that the decision was put into practice, Gaziantep East, West and North stations between the vehicles to be charged in the transition between the posts were sent to the necessary places were recorded.
Gaziantep Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department officials have called on Gaziantep drivers to use these stations. Authorities, vehicle drivers in these three stations, said they could make free passes in the following periods.

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