Death sentence on right arm of Former Chinese Railway Minister

The death penalty for the right hand of the Former Chinese Railway Minister: Corruption in China is being "intolerant". Zhang Shuguang, the right-hand man of former railways Minister Liu Zhijun, who was previously sentenced to death, was also sentenced to death.

The court in Beijing sentenced Zhang, who was arrested in 2012, to a two-year suspended death sentence for bribing 47,55 million yuan ($ 7,76 million). It has been noted that Zhang, the former head and chief engineer of the Transport Bureau under the Ministry of Railways of China, pleaded guilty. As part of the in-depth anti-corruption operations initiated by Chinese President Xi Jinping, former railways Minister Liu was also sentenced to a two-year suspended death sentence in December 64,4 for bribing 10,76 million yuan ($ 2012 million) last year and abuse of office. In China, two-year suspended death sentences are generally converted to life imprisonment.

It was also stated that 57-year-old Zhang gave railroad business to private companies for which he bribed.

According to Chinese media, Zhang's assets were also confiscated and all his political rights were stripped of him, who first appeared before a judge on September 10.

It was stated that Zhang's mistress was also tried for helping hide 1,98 million yuan (310 thousand dollars) of black money.

Liu and Zhang directed the expansion of the fast-moving high-speed train in China.

China Ministry of Railways, was abolished in the year 2013 and duties of the Ministry of Transport (security and regulation), State Railways Administration (control) and China Railway Company (construction and management) were taken by.


In recent months, assets worth 60 billion yuan ($ 90 billion) of pensioner Zhou Yongkang, who is responsible for Public Security, and his family, who is said to have been involved in the biggest corruption scandal in the country in 14,5 years, were confiscated.

The Chinese media reported that more than Zhou's 300 relatives and followers were detained or interrogated within a few. Zhou is being held under house arrest.


Last year, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) disciplinary board punished 182 officials across the country, 2012 percent higher than in 13,3.

182 thousand of 150 thousand people were subjected to party disciplinary punishment and 48 thousand 900 of them were subjected to administrative punishment.

- 512 councilors in Hengyang city of Hunan province, China, resigned after it was discovered that they had bribed 56 other deputies to change the election results. The total amount of bribery for election corruption was announced as 110 million yuan (39 million TL).

Tang Chungang, a former discipline official in the road development company of the city of Guizhou, was sentenced to 2004 years in May due to the 4.93 million yuan (about 800 thousand dollars) that he had received since 12.

Zhu Mingyi, the former official of the disciplinary agency of Heilongjiang Province, was sentenced to 2007 years in prison in 600 for a 100 yuan ($ 2009) bribe he received in 10.

The former high-ranking railways official in China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region was given a two-year suspended death sentence for bribing $ 21,48 million.

Prosecuted for corruption and abuse of power and seen as the future leader of China, Bo Xilai, former CCP policeman and party secretary of Chongqing City, was recently sentenced to life imprisonment and life deprivation of political rights.

The Chinese Communist Party's Central Committee on Disciplinary Control also launched an investigation against the Deputy Minister of Public Security Li Dongsheng for "suspected serious legal and disciplinary violations".



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