BTSO, We invest in rail systems, we also produce technology

BTSO, We also invest in rail systems, we also produce technology: Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) Chairman İbrahim Burkay stated that they attach great importance to public-private sector cooperation in rail systems, and said, “If our state trusts its industrialists, we also invest in rail systems, We also produce technology ”.

BTSO Chairman Burkay, BTSO Automotive Sector Council President Baran Çelik and Durmazlar She was the guest of Sami Altınkaya's live broadcast on Bloomberg HT's Exit Path program with Ahmet Civan, the CEO of Makine. Automotive and rail systems Ibrahim speaking on the subject of the program tabled Burkay, Bursa reminded that for decades Turkey's Detroit used the phrase, "We do not want to be in Bursa Detroit. Because Detroit failed to provide sectoral diversity. This region, which is solely dependent on the automotive sector, has withdrawn economically from this field. ”

Turkey's year 2023 500 billion dollars of exports reminded that the world's largest 10 aims to be among the economies Burkay, "we examine largest 10 economy in the world space with their automotive and experience in the machinery sector, on rail systems with aerospace and defense, we see that they come to the fore. This table describes Bursa Bu.

Ibrahim Burkay stated that the target of 2023 billion dollar export target for 75 year is not a dream as a business world in Bursa. Moving together with Eskişehir and Bilecik, we will reach our targets with the transformation process in the industry. Esk

President Burkay pointed out that important works related to planning have been carried out under the leadership of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Çalış We should determine the areas where the main industry will invest. 2023 is the 500 billion dollar export and 2 is the new incentive policies 1. It needs to be developed at the regional center ad.

Turkey pointed out that the development of the rail system has a potential to use space on the car that Ibrahim Burkay, "There is a serious technology under the rail system. We have seen this with great pride at the InnoTrans Fair, which is the largest rail system meeting in the world, held in Berlin, Germany. The main players in the sector, Turkey began to feel uncomfortable with the success of the sector. The Turkish industrialist set out. With our Rail Systems Cluster, we will become an important center in the sector in the coming 5-10 year. Ray
Stating that they attach great importance to public private sector cooperation on rail systems, President Burkay said, konusunda The only buyer in the rail system is the public. Important legal arrangements have been made in this regard. If the public sector, the industrialist of our state, trust in the business world, we will invest in rail system, we will produce technology, Kam he said.

BCCI Automotive Sector Council President Baran Çelik, Turkey's level of production 1,2 million vehicles in the year 2023 4 million, while exports around 23 billion dollars, said he aimed to increase 75 billion dollars. Steel industry in the realization of the objectives of the automotive industry to make investments in the major contribution will be a major contribution to the steel, "4 million vehicles reach the level of the first 10 economy in the world means that the meaning," he said.

Durmazlar The machine is also CEO Ahmet Mercury, Turkey's first indigenous tram 'Silkworm the 60 years of experience and said they managed to produce its R & D activities. Native tram project they had the life of the automotive industry using the industry expressing Civan, "until the end of the year 2023 70 percent of the cities in Turkey will pass the city rail system," he said.

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