Wagon factory criticism from MHP

MHP's criticism of the wagon factory: The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Malatya Provincial Chairman Lawyer Arif Yıldız said that the Wagon Repair Factory was also abandoned to its fate.

In a statement he made about the problems of Malatya, Yıldız said that the idle Wagon Repair Factory in Malatya was also abandoned to its fate and stated that no work could be done on the Wagon Repair Factory thanks to the AKP's Malatya deputies. Yildiz said, “No matter who was made in his time, there is a national wealth. Who did it, why did he do it, why was it wasted? Put aside, this factory has to be put into service for our people in some way. Currently, the Wagon Repair Factory has been abandoned by the AKP government as a "monument of shame". "

MHP Malatya Provincial Chairman Lawyer Arif Yildiz, fast train projects until the year of 2018 never said the name of Malatya said, AK Party Malatya Deputy Öznur Çalık said that the promise.

Arif Yıldız claimed that Malatya was dragged into a deep crisis in every field, but that the citizen was deceived with pink paintings. Arif Yıldız, in his assessment of the agenda, said, “Malatya has become a city whose problems have increased like an avalanche in almost every field in recent years. "An environment of chaos and confusion has prevailed in every subject that closely concerns the society, from economy to social sphere, from education to health."

Yıldız said, “AKP Deputy Öznur Çalık announced in May 2014 that the high-speed train project would be tendered. However, Malatya is not included in the strategic investment programs of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications until 2018. At a time when unemployment, poverty and poverty are so on the agenda, what will you do to people? You will promise them dreams like Öznur Çalık. You will say, 'If you buy a National Lottery ticket, the bird of fortune will be on your mind,' that will give you hope in the citizen. "Nobody has the right to mislead the people of Malatya."

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