Samsun City Museum buildings tell the history of the city's railroad

Samsun City Museum buildings tell the history of the city's railroad: The esi 2014-2015 Education Year Cultural Heritage Education Practices in the Shadow of the Tree of Knowledge esi prepared in cooperation with Samsun Metropolitan Municipality City Museum and ÇEKÜL Foundation are starting.

Samsun City Museum buildings have a privileged place in terms of the city's railway history. The two main wooden structures that make up the City Museum buildings were constructed as Samsun-Sivas Railway Construction and Operation Administration and State Railway Residence in 1928. The small building on the side of Cumhuriyet Street next to these buildings was built in 1936 instead of the building that was used as annex. This additional building was used as the tavern of Demirspor Club for many years.

13-15 May 2011 date in Samsun, "City of the City Museum" on the subject of the meeting of the Association of Historical Cities, the project was carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality. The location of the museum, its content and project planning Dr. It was realized with the contributions of Metin Sözen and ÇEKÜL. In this direction, TCDD's residences and Demirspor Tavern building were expropriated in 2011. After the restoration work completed within eight months, the design and contents of the buildings of the City Museum were created and the contents of the museum were completed with valuable objects from the memory of the Samsun and many institutions. Thus, this building group, which has a distinctive place in the memories of all Samsuns with its celebration ceremonies that reflect a history both in terms of State Railways and Demirspor, has been brought into the city by the Metropolitan Municipality as a center where Samsuns can meet with their past.


The 7 is an annual study and the City of Samsun Museum, which has emerged with the labor of the 50 academician, presents the 15 thousand-year history of Samsun to the public. The City Museum in Samsun, which connects the past with the future, has created a memory that can be acquired by a lot of information about agriculture, economic life, social life, customs, exchanges, transportation history, culinary culture, forgotten handicrafts, culinary culture and cultural life. Although the official opening could not be made, the number of visitors to the museum during the 17 month reached 100 thousand.

Within the framework of the protocol signed with ÇEKÜL Foundation, the studies of museum trainings were started. Studies were initiated with schools for the 2014-2015 school year. The arı Cultural Heritage Practices in the Shadow of the Tree of Knowledge örnek and the concrete heritage of Samsun's archeology, history, geography and architectural features, as well as the examples of events related to the intangible cultural heritage of food culture and celebration traditions, are presented to students at the Samsun City Museum. The students and trainers who are going to participate in museum trainings are aimed to realize the cultural richness of the city they live in, to gain awareness about the protection of natural and cultural heritage and to develop a sense of cultural identity, protectionism and urban consciousness.

Museum officials said, ey We want to participate in museum training and we want to contribute to this city.

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