French Judgment Does Not Leave The Railway Accident

The French Judiciary Does Not Leave The Railroad Accident: A lawsuit was filed against the railway maintenance company on charges of “causing unintentional death and injury”.

The French judiciary has no intention of pursuing the train accident that took place in the south of Paris the previous year, leading to the death of seven people.

The Paris prosecutor's office filed a lawsuit against the company responsible for the maintenance of the railroads on charges of “causing unintentional death and injury”. Representatives of the company will testify at the court prosecutor during the day.

Representatives of the company responsible for the operation of the railways will be questioned by the prosecutor's office on Thursday. The company responsible for the company is also considered to be sued.

The intercity train, which made the Paris-Limoges expedition and carried 370 passengers, was derailed on July 12, 2013. Seven people were killed and six were seriously injured.

The latest 25 in the country after the most serious train accident in the pursuit of technical investigations, serious disruptions and errors in the maintenance of rails had revealed.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 17:22

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  1. Two points needed to draw attention: (1) this accident; a typical example of problems arising not only from transport companies but also from the privatization of lines. England is considered the homeland of the railways - with the privatization of lines, both a series of accidents, and the complete regeneration of all lines due to neglect. These studies are still continuing. In France, although lessons from the example of the United Kingdom, this is not enough in the partially similar results are observed in privatized lines. In Germany in the nineties and the beginning of the twenties there was a very intense debate on this subject and in every direction. It was done right. This situation should never be directly compared with Japan and the US, due to the historical development of the business and different institutional systems and mechanisms. The result is a comparison of apples and pears Sonuç
    The reason: because the lines require extraordinary intensive care due to the technical nature of the work (how fast, more intensive care and cost N). This burden can only be met by a non-profit state institution / company. (2) In established democracies, the law is fully independent and never makes a distinction between a private person, a private and an official institution, it cannot! Here, nam us asla, i kankalık ”, ehr nationalism“, etc., can never play a role! Although the German ICE train accident in 1998 (102 death), the German Railways tried to act differently, the immediate countermeasures were officially taken. What is essential is not only to find scapegoats, but also to discourage and dispose of the main chain of criminals (persons, institutions, organizations alandır) in a deterrent manner and to ensure that the entire system is overhauled and that the repetition is avoided.
    These situations have big lessons (s) that we have to remove!

  2. EU law in the field of mass and all transportation, French law on this subject was taken as an example, at the beginning of the two century. This situation brought an extraordinary change in most of the EU countries according to the previous process, conditions and rights, great advantages to the moved object (person / human), the operator has brought a huge burden, usually as a state duty and hence mechanism, as long as the mechanism and overweight The systematic imbalance between the occupied institutions and the naturally weaker transporters has been tried to be balanced in this way;