KARSİAD Logistics Center and BTK railway line on the table

KARSİAD has put the BTK railway line with the Logistic Center on the table: Sultan Murat Dereci, President of Karslu Businessmen Association (KARSİD), suggested that there is no project about the Logistics Center planned to be established in Kars.
Sultan Murat Dereci and the members of the board of directors, who came together with the press members at the KARSİAD Center, discussed the issue of Kars's Logistics Center.
Kars, together with the name of the Logistic Center in Erzurum for the completion of the Logistics Center has been completed, and indicating that only the environmental regulation KARSİAD Chairman Dereci, ı We as Karsli businessmen, as the construction of the Logistics Center, 'okay was given' after the silence Nobody does anything. We did not create a project. How is it going to be made? How will the buildings be. How's the railroad coming? Where to connect? There is nothing to do with them! Together with us, we established Logistics Center in Erzurum. Currently Erzurum is doing its landscaping. Logistics Center is ready to use. But we don't have any more projects. Ama


Expressing that the logistics center in Kars is not even clear, KARSİD President Dereci stated, ın If there is no project, this is our lack. And we, as Kars, could not mobilize our politicians. We have not acted on our own. I felt the need to speak about these shortcomings and to discuss these issues as soon as possible. Okay, we have a logistics center. After the logistics center, we have this idea. Kars being a free zone and having a free zone will provide good advantages to Kars. The goods that come here will be the direct export goods. Then we will receive the products we are exempt from VAT. We will not pay VAT. This will open the way for businessmen to put here. Because investing in Kars will become attractive Çünkü.
karsiad's press conference in Baku discussed in-Tbilisi-Kars railway line (ICTA) of the inner and the Dereci underlines that the pain of the situation, the BTK railway line of the Azerbaijani and completion of Georgia feet, Turkey is a shortage in the foot and of the BTK railway line before the beer accelerating the Turkey leg stressed that it should.
Derize, 2014,2015 and finally 2016 will be completed by the end of the BTK railway line said to be implemented even in 2020 years, could not be claimed.
KARSİAD President Sultan Murat Dereci stated that they had the right to know everything about the projects and that the authorities should illuminate the public opinion about the last point of the center with the logistics center and BTK railway.

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