Beylerderesi Viaduct is taken care of

Beylerderesi Maturity
Beylerderesi Maturity

The Turgut Özal viaduct, which is built on the Beyler stream and shortens the road by about 2 and a half kilometers, is being taken into maintenance. The viaduct, which was seen as an investment of votes before the general elections to be held in July 2011 and was opened hastily on April 23, 2011, has always been the subject of criticism since the day it was opened.

The height difference of the middle connection point has always been on the agenda and the question of what kind of a problem it can cause by the drivers, which is clearly visible to the eye. The widening of the dilation joint connections in both directions, on the other hand, increased the anxiety one more time. In short, the Beyler Stream Turgut Özal viaduct, which has always been full of question marks since the day it was put into service, is finally taken into maintenance.

We are referring to the information about the road 8. District officials said the maintenance work to be started on August at 10 or 15 would take about a month, and that the old gentlemen road would be used during this study. Work is underway to open the connection points of this road.

Stating that there is no problem in the carrier system of the viaduct, the officials said that the opening of the viaduct was a bit rushed, some applications were made without much calculation and that the problems were caused by these applications. They stated that the asphalt to be thrown on the viaduct should be 15 centimeters at most, and 25 centimeters of asphalt is used to close the height difference. Again, the authorities emphasized that the chemical de-icing system on the viaduct is not efficient and that it will be renewed, and that the area they see as perhaps the biggest problem is the expansion of the connection points of the bridge with the ground on both sides, that is, the dilatation joints. They underlined that they will do this maintenance and repair.

Authorities also stated that the illumination on the viaduct and the edge protection systems will be renewed in detail and provided a more modern look.

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