3. Bridge to relax the logistics sector

  1. The bridge will ease the logistics sector: The construction of the Odayeri-Paşaköy Section Project and the North Marmara Motorway Project, which includes the 500rd Bosphorus Bridge Project, in Istanbul, where an average of 3 vehicles are added to the traffic per day.

The construction of the Northern Marmara Motorway Project and Odayeri-Paşaköy Section Project, which includes the 500rd Bosphorus Bridge Project, continues in Istanbul, where an average of 3 vehicles a day participate in traffic.

AA, aerial views of the works on Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which is expected to save the city traffic from truck and truck density when completed.

In the project, which employs about 4 people, 627 machines and 737 different equipment are used and 51-hour shifts are made when the weather conditions are appropriate. The project, which Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan promised to complete with verbal bargaining from the contractor company on 24 May 29, will include an 2015-lane highway and 8 line railroads. The cost of the new bridge will reach 2 billion pounds.

The project will provide added value to Istanbulites, the public sector and the private sector in many respects. One of the sectors that are eagerly waiting for the bridge to be completed is logistics… By directing trucks and trucks to Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the city traffic will be relaxed and the planning opportunity in the sector will increase and the fuel costs due to stop-start will decrease.


Answering the questions of AA reporter in helicopter, Batu Logistics Chairman Taner Ankara stated that giant investments in Istanbul will have many direct and indirect contributions to the transportation sector, and it will be possible to pass trucks and trucks directly without disturbing the city traffic, which will bring a lucrative situation for all stakeholders. he said.

Taner Ankara said that with the completion of projects such as the 3rd Bridge, the North Anatolian Highway, the Izmit Highway, and the 3rd Airport, the world's most important lines in logistics can be formed and trade can increase by 20 percent. The vast majority of trade in Turkey Çorlu-Istanbul-Ankara line indicating that the Kocaeli, in the true sense of the opinion that the lack of a transit trade slowed in Istanbul ...

Ankara, indicating that the cost of stop-up industry already reached $ 3 billion per year, said:

“There is an extra $ 3 billion diesel consumption right now. At the point of planning, we are having difficulties in getting things right. For example, when we set off a car, we cannot plan when it goes from place to place. When we cannot plan, goods cannot reach the customer's warehouse or factory. When they cannot reach, there are some problems as they cannot plan properly in the same way. We have to constantly deal with these complex problems throughout the day. ”

Expressing that the logistics sector will go "one click ahead" with the commissioning of the bridge, Ankara said, "3. We think that the bridge will be used in transit. We hope that walking bans will change. In addition, I think that it will take us very far in terms of doing our work correctly on behalf of us, whether it be stop-get or planning. ”


“The two bridges currently in use were built to relieve the city traffic. Bridge 2 is an investment made for commercial purposes. Ankara is an important investment for foreign trade with its features such as the 3rd airport, which will be put into service together with the 3rd Bridge, the transportation of customs points on the route, the real transit feature with the transition to be provided without entering into the city. ” He emphasized that trade will accelerate as well.

At the moment, the day-to-day walking bans significantly affecting the commercial work of 3. By means of the bridge, 24 will be offered hours of trade, planning, procurement and transfer problems will be eliminated, indicating that Taner Ankara, Izmit Automobile, 3. Airport, Muratlı Train Line, Halkalı He stated that with the end of projects such as moving his customs to Çatalca, the most important lines of the world in logistics can be formed and trade can increase by 20 percent.


Turkey's top customs transactions made Halkalı Reminding that the customs will move to Çatalca in the coming months, Ankara said that the customs will be integrated into the bridge project. 3. Airport, 3 bridges and customs, with a regular town planning and systematic efforts to accelerate the transfer of Ankara, Turkey's economy has reiterated the huge investment will carry Turkey forward.

Also referring to the trees cut in the region, Taner Ankara described this situation as the necessity of investment. Stating that every year as a company planting seedlings between 1.000-3.000 Ankara, the sector will be the most beneficiaries of this path, so this year they will increase the number of saplings to plan said. Ankara emphasized that the sector needs to be sensitive about this issue and afforestation works should be carried out.



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