Three Bridges Location Receivables from Turkey in the first 10

Three Bridges Location Receivables from Turkey in the first 10: 2023 Turkey is taking steps to make sure goals. Canakkale Victory 102. The foundations of the ӂanakkale 1915 Bridge X were laid in 100. 2023 will be put into service; When the bridge is opened, it will be the longest intermittent bridge in the world by downloading Japan's Akashi-Kaikyo bridge from the throne.

18 The foundation of the 1915 Bridge in March, the 5. The bridge will cost 10.3 billion liras. Toll on the bridge is planned to be 15 Euro + VAT.

Agency Press, the leading company in media monitoring, has examined the longest bridges in the world. According to the agency's research Presse already among the longest bridges in the world's two bridges from Turkey. When the 1915 Bridge in Çanakkale is completed, this number will be increased to 3. On the list of existing bridges, Osman Gazi Bridge is the fourth bridge with the longest foot openings in the world, while Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge was in the ninth place.

The Agency Press also released the media report of the bridges. According to the analysis, the media were not irrelevant to the Çanakkale 1915 Bridge. 307 news has been reflected on the media since its foundation. 919 about the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge in the first ten, 641 news about the Osman Gazi Bridge were found to be reflections. The fact that the bridges were subject to considerable news was considered an indicator that the media's mega projects were not irrelevant.

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