Traffic Week Events

Traffic Week Activities: Road and Traffic Week is celebrated with various activities in Kahramanmaraş. At the ceremony which started with a wreath at the Atatürk Monument, the booths were opened by the Police and Gendarmerie Traffic Registry Branches and information was given about the traffic rules to the citizens. Speaking at the ceremony, Director of Traffic Registration Nadir Telli, traffic rules as a way of life to be adopted as an education, he said.
Percentage of the traffic accidents occurred in the 80'in driver, while the 10 's pedestrian errors are reminiscent of the Telli, said:
Adır As we have seen, the problem arises from the human factor and is in the solution. As long as driver attitudes and behaviors such as tolerance, sharing, tolerance and obeying rules are extended, traffic safety will increase in parallel. It is unthinkable to prevent or even eliminate the traffic accidents by institutional methods alone. It is imperative that all road users believe this in their hearts, and they are required to follow the rules in their traffic for their own security. Tüm
After the speech, the traffic police and the gendarmerie traffic officer of the year were awarded by Deputy Governor Bayram Öz. The traffic booth, which was prepared by the Kahramanmaraş Police Department, the Metropolitan Municipality and the Provincial Gendarmerie Command, was also opened and Mesut Alkan, the Director of National Education, and Ahmet Kuybu, the President of the Union of Tradesmen and Artisans Chambers, and other stakeholders.


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