Step back in the privatization of Çivril Train Station

Step back in the privatization of Çivril Train Station: In the Çivril district of Denizli, the people of the district wanted the train station. State Railways of the Republic of Turkey, the privatization of the historic train station in the district stepped back.

The 1892 was built by the British and connected to the Denizli-Afyonkarahisar line. The başlat Cultural Property Needed to be Protected Ç was opposed to the privatization of the registered structure and the Civril Municipality City Council initiated initiatives for the cancellation of the decree.

Çivril District Governor Orhan Burhan, State Railways belonging to the 2 bin 86'i closed, 52 thousand 106'si open, including the total of 54 thousand 192 announced that the work on privatization of the square meter area.

Kaymakam Burhan, who reminded that the place is registered as m Cultural Need for Protection to be Preserved c by 2 Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Board of Izmir 18 years ago, said: X This site has been declared as a protected area. Therefore it is not possible to be privatized. Because no one will buy the site. Therefore State Railways also gave up privatization. Denizli Governorship, the district governor of Çivril and the municipality will take a common decision regarding the use of this place. In accordance with this decision, the historical railway station will be opened. Bu

Çivril Municipality by the municipality until 2016 said the work started on the evaluation of the area of ​​Çivril Mayor Dr. Gürcan Güven said, için We started working for this place. Our architects are investigating how we can evaluate the history without disturbing the texture Mimar.




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