Turkish Maritime Trade History Symposium was held

Turkish Maritime History Symposium Held: Turkey's logistics and knowing full well our history, although important objectives in the maritime area and may complicate the process of making the next business decision-making.
Beykoz Logistics Vocational College, home to his "Turkish Maritime History Symposium" the sixth "Maritime and Logistics History" theme of the scientists provide reports within the scope of Turkey's 500 billion dollars is a country that exports target and at the logistics promised important missions to the maritime trade, but if the history was not understood well, then forward-looking strategies could not be formed correctly.
Beykoz Logistics symposium brought together scientists, historians, experts on Turkey's elite universities organized by the Vocational School. Various topics were presented in the scope of maritime trade and logistics from the Ottoman Empire to the present.
The symposium started with the opening speeches of the Beykoz Vocational School of Higher Education Maritime Club. Chairman of the Symposium Organizing Committee Dr. Prof. Dr. Kemal Arı, Director of Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics Dr. Ahmet Yuksel and Beykoz Logistics Vocational School Board of Trustees Chairman Ruhi Engin Özmen emphasized the historical development and importance of maritime trade in his opening speeches. Turkish Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Department President Okay Kılıç said that Turkish maritime fleet was developing and 13 ranked in the world, 30 had a fleet of over million tonnes of deadweight tonnage, and over the last decade there has been an increase in sea transportation by around 85.
Ship Agency Assoc great importance within the context of providing important information for Turkish logistical Historic Ship Agency in Turkey. Dr. D. Ali Deveci Turkey in this process in a very good understanding of the necessity to assess the right to regular route from kumpanyacılık recently to evolving business models terminology did the emphasis was beginning to show itself. 4 Submission within the Scope of the 10 Presented 4 sessions as a symposium, the first session. Dr. It was chaired by Idris Bostan. In this session, Dr. Tuncer Baykara X 15-16. Sea Transportation in Western Anatolia in the HH Y, Dr. Bülent Arı ah Comparison of Venetian and Ottoman Shipyards after İnebahtı “and Assoc. Dr. Selda Kılıç made a presentation on da Help from the Seas in the War of Independence Sel. The second session, which was the last session before noon, was chaired by Professor. Dr. Mahmut Ak performed. In this session, Assoc. Dr. D. Ali Deveci "Historical Perspective Ship Agency in Turkey", Assoc. Dr. Tanju Demir and Enver Gökçe lar Kemeredremid (Buhraniye) Pier of the Ottoman Military and Commercial Shipping Departments at the Beginning of 19 YY En, Prof.Dr. Dr. Yusuf Oğuzoğlu shared his papers within the scope of lar Commercial Transport in Ottoman Ports in the Process of Modernization Yusuf.
Third session Dr. Yusuf Oğuzoğlu, and the fourth session. Dr. It was held under the chairmanship of Tuncer Baykara. As part of the two sessions, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Emre Kılıçarslan “The Role of the Austrian Lloyd Company in the Ottoman Official Documents Circulation” and Professor. Dr. Kemal Arı “I. Coal Supply in the Black Sea in World War II ”, Professor. Dr. Şakir Batmaz and Res. See. Recep Kürekli “The Role and Importance of the Egyptian Lighthouse Administration in the Eastern Mediterranean and Red Sea Trade”, Professor. Dr. Doğan Uçar shared their research with the participants on “Seaways in Historical Maps”. The Internet Radio for those who could not come to the symposium was also on air. http://www.radyosyon.org It was broadcast live from.

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