EMBARQ Turkey, Urban Transportation Road Safety Conference Held

EMBARQ Turkey, Commuting on Road Safety Conference Held: 1,3 million people in the world die each year in traffic accidents.
If compared to this loss of life is for the competent institutions in the fall gerekir.yol security area of ​​the Boeing 3250 number of aircraft 747 full of passengers every year EMBARQ Turkey's organized hosted the "Commuting Road Safety Conference" attended the:
• EMBARQ Turkey, Sustainable Transport Association
• General Directorate of Security Traffic Planning and Support Department - Traffic Safety Platform
• Maritime transport and Communications Ministry
• World Health Organization
• Police Academy Traffic and Transportation Safety Research Center
• Red Crescent
• IETT Metrobus Management
• Suat Ayöz Traffic Victims Association
• We can change
To contribute to public awareness towards increasing road traffic safety in Turkey in order regularly every year in May the Month, which is celebrated with various activities in the first week, "Highway Safety and Traffic Week" pre EMBARQ Turkey and the Sustainable Transport Association, hosted by 3M and organized with the support of Aygaz's All aspects of the subject were discussed at the “Road Safety Conference in Urban Transport”.
'Road safety in urban transport, reducing direction, objectives and strategies of Turkey's road traffic accidents, studies conducted by international organizations' about the information being transferred, issues and conference for the discussion of concrete proposals; Ministry of Transportation, General Directorate of Police Traffic Safety Platform, Police Academy, Head of Traffic and Transportation Research Center, IETT, EMBARQ Turkey-Sustainable Transport Association, WHO-World Health Organization, Red Cross and Suat Ayoze Traffic Victims, as well as competent speakers from the Association, NGOs, public institutions and local government representatives, academicians, private sector representatives and experts shared information.
Turkey hosted by EMBARQ Director Arzu conference held at Tabby Tabby, he told the EMBARQ's approach to road safety. In addition, one of the most important pillars of road safety is to stop the accident before the occurrence of Tekir, emphasizing that the main preventive measure for infrastructure safety, he said. Tekir: finansal The financial resource to be allocated for road safety inspections in transportation planning is lower than the subsequent improvement costs. Every year, 1.3 million people die every year due to traffic accidents. This number is equal to the loss of all passengers of the 3250 Boeing 747 aircraft falling each year. Imagine that every week, Istanbul-Ankara made a plane fall time to understand that the balance of deaths due to traffic accidents in Turkey, how much worse. The figures we mentioned are equivalent to this. ”
EMBARQ Turkey as desired say they are doing intensive work on road safety in the bicycle route Tabby: "We care, especially the safety of cycling and bike paths. Studies show that as the rate of cycling use increases in traffic, the rate of accidents involving cyclists is significantly reduced. ”
The moderator of the first session was Ahmet Utlu, the founder of degistirebiliriz.org. Utlu made a speech about road safety and the purpose of degistirebiliriz.org. Head of Traffic Planning and Support Department of the General Directorate of Security Yilmaz Baştuğ, Traffic Safety Platform was established in order to be a top roof in this area, he said. and 2020 strategies and objectives. TGP, which also conducts comprehensive information projects on road safety, will conduct training in traffic journalism for press members.
EU Expert Salih Erdemci, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, mentioned the ministry's perspective on road safety. Erdemci said that the Ministry is preparing a Transport Operational Program with 5 action on road safety and that they have received a budget of 450 million Euros from EU funds. He announced that they are open to project proposals for this budget which will be used to fund the projects to be organized on road safety. World Health Organization Serap Sener, prepared an action plan on road safety 2011-2020 period between the 5 million announced that it aims to establish lives. in a child's car accident minutes each 3 the world every year saying that died Sener, one of the most important pillars of the action plan consists of five standing is to promote the use of child car seats speaker vurguladı.ikinc session EMBARQ Turkey Member of the Board was Sibel bulay.
Speakers of the Police Academy, Head of Traffic and Transportation Safety Research Center Assoc. Dr. In his speech, Tuncay Durna talked about the project “The State Wearing a Belt”. Mine Akdoğan told about the Red Crescent's Road Safety Project and spoke about the institutional steps taken by the Red Crescent in this direction. Zeynep Pinar Mutlu, IETT Metrobus Management Manager, explained the metrobus road safety works of IETT and gave important information about the point reached after the old situation and improvements and the targets to be achieved. Suat Ayöz President of the Traffic Victims Association Yeşim Ayöz shared striking examples of how traffic accidents have consequences for people's lives.

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