Women in all aspects of life

Women in Every Field of Life: in Turkey, "a man's job," called the continued success of many business women in recent years in all areas of running a public bus in Gaziantep's life chauffeur and tram makes vatmanlık firefighters working women are enjoying the stone to almost male bus driver Museum Yilmaz, " The woman after asking.
"Men's work in Turkey" called many women continue to work successfully, working in all areas of life in recent years.
In addition to the well-known jobs, many women work from ambulance driving to cleaning work, from oil pumping to pumping, from car service to truck driver, and from day to night, women contribute to the family budget and take part in every aspect of life.
In Gaziantep, women who work as a firefighter and work as a firefighter in a city bus and work as a firefighter, literally throw stones for men.
Metropolitan Municipality, the Municipality of Machine Maintenance and Repair Directorate of Bus Operation in the operation of a female driver of the Museum Osmaneyen, AA correspondent, said in a statement, said that before the crane operator, said he liked to drive.
Expressing that he especially likes to use the bus, Yılmaz said, “There is nothing that a woman cannot do after she wants. As long as the woman wants it, ”he said.
Stating that some citizens were surprised by the buses when they saw a woman in the driver's seat, Yılmaz said that they also received nice compliments from the citizens.
Yilmaz expressed that he will be behind the wheel on March 8, International Women's Day, and celebrated the day of all women.
Female driver Elif Gülbeyaz and Çiğdem Ak pointed out that women are now in every area of ​​life and said:
“When we first started, we got negative reactions because citizens were foreign to the female bus driver. Later, these reactions turned positive. They say we are 'more careful, more tolerant'. We love our job. We are happy to have achieved a first in Gaziantep. ”
“The first female firefighter of the Southeast”
Fatma Doğan, who was working as the head of the Fire Department of the Metropolitan Municipality and stated to be the first female firefighter in the Southeastern Anatolia Region, stated that her father was rescued by firefighters when she was young and that she decided to become a firefighter since that day.
Doğan, who stated that he completed the two-year Civil Defense and Firefighting Department and started to work in Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality last year, said:
“Firefighting is a male profession, but I love this job. It is a difficult profession, but its holiness suppresses its difficulty. Because we save lives. The place is coming, the mother leaves her child and runs away, but we enter to save that child. There is nothing they can not do if women want. If necessary, we also work in construction. Because we love the challenge. ”
Stating that he was surprised when the citizens saw him, would he be a firefighter, Doğan noted that some of his relatives called him “Fatma”.
“My job is to drive a huge tram”
Metropolitan Municipality of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department of the people working in the Seda Bardiz believes that women will be successful in all sectors, he said.
Stating that she was very excited when she saw a tram as a child and dreamed of driving tram, Bardız said, “It is a very enjoyable job for me, I can recommend it to all women. "It is a great pleasure to use a huge vehicle like a tram," he said.
Emphasizing that some citizens could not fit the tram by saying “are you driving this?”, Bardız said:
“I think I did my duty well. It is good to be useful to people. I am very happy as a working woman. My job is to drive a huge tram. I am proud of myself. When I get out of the cabin, it makes me happy when an uncle says to my aunt's 'health girl'. I will drive a tram on March 8, International Women's Day. My day will pass by doing my job. I will be happy also.


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