25 Erzurum

Asli Nemutlu case discovery canceled

The discovery was canceled in the Aslı Nemutlu case: In the Aslı Nemutlu case, the discovery in Konaklı region where the accident was made was canceled on the grounds that the experts did not participate. After an accident during training [more…]


The words given at Çumra station

Promises given at the Çumra station: Lütfü Elvan took part as the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications in the cabinet announced by Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan on December 25, 2013… [more…]

Intercity Railways

Passenger train crashed into car

Passenger train hit the car: The accident occurred at around 21.30 at Uşak-Ulubey Highway Huzurkent Location. 43 AKs used by Cemil Atalay, who is trying to cross the closed barriers of the level crossing [more…]

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