There is no privatization on railways

There is no privatization and liberalization in railways: TCDD, which has been declining since 1950, has been playing its peak since 2002 There is no privatization, TCDD 6. Regional Manager Mustafa Çopur. It denied claims that the State Railways would be privatized. Çopur stated that TCDD will be liberalized, not privatized, infrastructure, stations. He said that the land and lines will definitely belong to TCDD, but many passengers and freight transport will enter the competition market.
TCDD 6 Regional Manager Mus tata Çopur. Çopur gave a conference titled “Yesterday Today and Tomorrow of Demıryollan in Our Country” in Ramazanoğlu Mansion. He made a detailed presentation about the development of the iron net dating from the Ottoman period to the present day. Çopur stated that his acquaintance with Anatolia's railway was based in the period of the Ottoman Sultan Sultan Abdulmeat in 1856. He noted that with the establishment of the Republic in 1923, the sector was experiencing its golden age.
Çopur stated that in 1950, a process that started against TCDD started with the transportation policies being directed towards alternative transportation vehicles. He pointed out that an uptrend was started in 2002. According to the statements made by Çopur, the railway, which was 1923 kilometers as of 4559, reached 1940 kilometers with the works carried out until 8837, and after 1950, the line length was increased to 2002 kilometers by increasing the importance given to the railways after 12.
Expressing that the 6th Region of Adana based TCDD is a 1400 km line starting from Konya and stretching from Nusaybin to Sunye, Çopur stated that the border gates between Mersin and İskenderun ports have contributed significantly to the rail trade. According to the information reported by Çopuf, the cargo income generated by TCDD in 2013 was 91 million 040 thousand TL, while 31 million 589 TL passenger income and 20 thousand 274 TL non-operating income.
Çopur says that there are high speed train projects that will go to Adana - Mersin line, which provides 27 thousand people daily with 15 pairs of trains, with a speed of 180 kilometers per hour. “We made the tender over a new state. Final tender and location determination will be made in 2014. Apart from these, we will also establish feed connections that will allow us to reach Ankara in 3.5-4 hours. Our goal is to carry 75 passengers per day on the Mersin-Adana line *. Çopur also stated that the energy costs of high speed trains are very low. Çopur, who also gave information about the security features of Marmaray, which was completed in Istanbul, claimed that the safest place would be Mar maray if there was a 9-magnitude deprem in Istanbul. He noted that their biggest goal in 2023 was to complete all domestic production National Train activities.

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