Konya Rails to the Sea

Konya Rails to the sea: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan, only in Konya by rail and air 2 million 800 thousand people transported annually, stating that the rails will be connected to the sea of ​​Konya.
Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan visited Konya Governor Muammer Erol in his office. Later, the two ministers gave information to the press about the transportation projects related to Konya and the surrounding provinces. Minister Elvan, ına In line with the purpose of connecting Konya to the sea with the railway line, the works of the high speed train project between Konya and Karaman started. Contract signed. After that, there is a line connecting Karaman to Mersin and Adana. This will be done within a few months to the construction tender. With the tender of the Karaman-Mersin fast railway project, we will go on the signaling tender of our Konya-Karaman railway project. So we want to save time. We want to bring our industrialists in Konya to the port in a shorter time. In particular, transportation costs will be significantly reduced and we will provide the Konya industry with a more rapid development of the industry of our provinces in the hinterland of Konya. This is not just a study for our industrialists, it is a project that will also provide passenger transportation. The railway project, which is capable of transporting approximately 200 kilometers of speed passengers, will not only load, but also the residents of Mersin and Adana and the residents of Konyalı will have the opportunity to reach them easily and quickly within a period of time such as 2,5 hours. Yaklaşık
Talking about another important project for Konya, Minister Elvan said, arz It can be considered as part of the railway project. The logistics center to be built at Kayacık location is a very important center. Because we will do right next to our organized industrial zone. The goods produced there will be loaded directly to our trains via this logistics center and reach the port. Our expropriation work on the logistics center was continuing. There is no problem in these studies, they are about to be completed. Therefore, within a few months, we will go to the tender for the construction of the logistics center Dolayısıyla.
Minister Elvan made a statement about the environment which is planned to be built in Konya. We met with our Minister of Foreign Affairs several times. We thought about how to get started in the fastest way and we finished our work. We are going to the 18 mileage tender. The project is ready. We will take a concrete step within the scope of the ring road project in Konya. Konya
Expressing the situation of Konya in high-speed train and air transport, Minister Elvan said, durum Konya has a population of 2 million. 1 2 750 thousand passengers in the 200 high-speed train line in the year. 840 thousand people used the Konya-Eskişehir route. 2 used the airline. 800 million 2003 thousand people have used railway and airway outside the highway when we collect this figure. In 100 this figure is about a total of 2 thousand, now is the 800 million XNUMX bin X.
Minister Elvan, Beysehir about the installation of a type of floating scaffolding in the lake and they will work on the establishment of a number of equipment announced.
Foreign Minister Ahmet Minister Davutoglu said, Kar On behalf of the people of Konya and Karaman, I know the debt. In a very fertile and rainy weather, Mr. Minister came with blessed news. I hope we can see the end of these projects together. İn




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