Citizens will Determine the Name and Color of the Tramway in Kocaelide

bus and tram thousand passengers moved to the holiday feast
bus and tram thousand passengers moved to the holiday feast

The name and color of the tram will be determined by the citizens in Kocaeli: An example of the tram that Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality planned to implement between Sekapark and Otogar in partnership with Izmit Municipality was brought to Anıtpark late last night. The tram, which attracts the attention of the public all day long, has been left to the public in the application of the model, color and name in Izmit.


The voting system, which will start on Wednesday (Wednesday) at the Anıtpark, will select the model, color and name of the tram. Voting will start at noon with the participation of Kocaeli Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu and Izmit Mayor Nevzat Doğan. The most voted model, color and name from the public will be decisive in tram application in Izmit.


The trolley system has a higher passenger capacity than the wheeled system. Developed countries often use the tram system in urban centers. The electrically driven trolley system offers a lot more advantages in terms of ride comfort than the rubber wheeled system. The carbon-free system offers a completely environmental-friendly transport example.


The tram system does not pause except for station points and signalized junction points. The city center stands out as an important alternative for the passenger traffic solution in public transportation in order to control the movement of the stops.


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