Kayseray carried 26.4 million passengers last year

📩 29/11/2018 18:15

Kayseray carried 26.4 million passengers last year: Since 2009 was in service in Kayseri, 2013 carried a total of 26.4 million passengers in XNUMX, the groundbreaking rail system in the city.
Since the 2009, which has been in service in Kayseri, has been carrying a total of 2013 million passengers in 26.4.
The rail system, which is one of the most important investments of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and brings Kayseri together with modern transportation, carried a record number of passengers in 2013. Last year, the rail system, which carried an average of 73 thousand passengers per day and an average of 2 million 200 thousand passengers per month, reached a total of 26 million 418 thousand 909 passengers at the end of the year.
The rail system, which was included in Kayseri's transportation network by the Metropolitan Municipality, traveled an average of 226 thousand kilometers per month on the Organize Sanayi-Doğu Garajı line, performing a performance that circled the world more than five times each month. The rail system, which covered a total distance of 2013 million 2 thousand kilometers in 719, carried a total of 26 million 418 thousand 909 passengers. Last year, the month with the most passengers was December with 2 million 408 thousand. December was followed by the months of November and March, and the least passengers were carried in July.
The records that the rail system broke in 2013 will be history in 2014, because new lines will be added to the rail system this year. Doğu Garajı-İldem Line will be activated on February 1, and Sivas Street-Erciyes University Line will be activated on February 15.

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