Haydarpaşa Station Fire Management Defective


Administration Faulty in Haydarpaşa Train Station Fire: The reasoned decision of the fire that broke out in Haydarpaşa Train Station in 2010 was announced. According to the decision, the administration, which has not repaired the roof for 84 years, was also found to be at fault. The reasoned decision of the case filed regarding the fire in Haydarpaşa Train Station included the flawed statements of the administration that had not repaired the roof for 84 years.

Judge; that the roof has not been repaired for 84 years, and that the necessary responsibility for cultural property has not been fulfilled; he argued that this caused a fire and that these were administrative and political deficiencies.
The fact that the building is not equipped with modern methods against fire and that it is not protected has a significant contribution to the easy burning of the building.

In the case, two workers and the company owner who carried out the isolation were sentenced to 10 months for “negligence and endangerment of general security by causing a fire by negligence”.



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