Gaziantep-Baghdad Train Expeditions Will Start Again

Gaziantep-Baghdad Train Expeditions Will Be Restarted: Gaziantep ya A study of the Ministry of Transport is being carried out for the re-implementation of high-speed train services in Baghdad.
Gaziantep or A study of the Ministry of Transport is being carried out to re-implement Baghdad high-speed trains. Mosul Governor Atheel Nuceyfi said that they could deliver this line to Baghdad without interrupting Syria.
Mosul Governor Atheel Nuceyfi and his delegation visited Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Asım Güzelbey. Nuceyfi, Gaziantep "Baghdad high-speed train line, using the Habur border gate, re-implementable stressed.
During the exchange of ideas and a visit to a warm environment, President Güzelbey explained the projects and activities of the municipality. Stating that they can make project collaborations with Mosul in the field of transportation, infrastructure, water and return, Güzelbey said that they attach importance to the development of the relations of the two brother countries. Iki I believe that these close relationships will contribute to the quality of life of the people living in both countries. We are ready to share our knowledge and experience with our Mosul brothers.



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