500 Passenger Carrying In America Leaves In Snow

500 Passenger Carrying In America Passed Down In The Snow: Snow and strong winds in the north of Illinois led three Amtrak trains to continue on the road in the direction of Chicago, causing passengers to spend the night on trains.
According to the Associated Press, Tuesday morning railway line officials said that most of the 500 Amtrak passengers who had to spend the night on trains, finally departed for Chicago.
Trains stranded due to snow; The Southwest Chief train from Los Angeles was the Illinois Zephyr train from Quincy and the California Zephyr train from San Francisco. Amtrak sözcüs Marc Magliari stated that the trains stop at around 3:00 on Monday.
According to Magliari, about two 128.7 passengers, who were stranded near Mendota, about 80 km (300 miles) from Chicago, boarded the bus from Princeton on the last leg of their journey.


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