operations in Turkey dislodge economic balance

Operations in Turkey was played over the economic balance: Approximately 10 days the lock on the agenda of Turkey 'operation' has dislodge economic stability.
With the operations and detention allegations; high-speed railway, 3 airport and channels such as Istanbul will increase the prosperity of both citizens and is also to shape the country's future projects and business leaders 10 days oldu.yaklaşık names in the target lock on the agenda of Turkey 'operations' economic balances around the playing, especially to increase the citizen's welfare projects negative affecting. Taking tensions in the dollar with a new record of 2.14 pounds break, double-digit interest rates for the upcoming Turkey's Istanbul and Channel 3 will change the global power position has caused the endangerment of projects such as the airport. In addition, with the new operation claims, businessmen and public officials who are preparing to sign big projects are wanted to be worn down. According to the allegations denied by the prosecutor's office, it was claimed that in the second wave of operations, TCDD focused on high speed train projects, contractors aiming to close the housing gap and Anatolian origin companies turning to domestic production. It is among the allegations that companies that have signed giant projects such as the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train and investors who undertake the 2rd Airport project will also be detained. Cancellation of the airport project was also on the agenda during the Gezi Events. domestic store chains that prevent the spread of foreign stores in Turkey as' detained list, adding to outmaneuvered requesting, Corum will be built on the river, Turkey's largest power plant related projects on the put forward claims, shows that domestic capital target of operations rumor. When the allegations of detaining 3 people, including businessmen who direct the Turkish economy, were examined, it was noteworthy that the targets to be eroded were the giant projects in the government's 30 vision.
Due to the events that started on December 17, the loss in the economy reached 60 billion liras according to the calculable data. However, this figure is estimated to be much higher due to indirect interactions. While the increase in foreign currency causes an increase in prices in many items, especially in fuel oil, it also puts companies with foreign currency debt in a difficult situation. Before the operations started, the loss in BIST 74, which was over 100 thousand points, reached 14 percent, pulling the index to the 64 thousand band.

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