Lütfi Elvan becomes the new Minister of Transport! Who is Lütfi Elvan

lutfi elvan
lutfi elvan

The new Minister of Transport was Lutfi Elvan, who was Lütfi Elvan: Prime Minister Erdoğan announced the new cabinet. Karaman Deputy Lütfi Elvan was brought to the Ministry of Transport.

Who is Lütfi Elvan?

Lütfi Elvan, (d. 12 March 1962 Ermenek, Karaman), Turkish politician. He received his master's degree in mining and operations research from Leeds University and his master's degree in Economics from University of Delaware in the United States. He started to work as an engineer in Etibank. After serving in various positions at DPT, he was appointed as the Deputy Undersecretary. 23. and 24. Period Karaman Deputy. 23. Turkey-EU Joint Parliamentary Committee in the period and was Member of EU Harmonization Commission. 24. He was elected as the Chairman of the Plan and Budget Committee in the period. Elvan is fluent in English and is married with two children.


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