Karaman: Ankara-Istanbul YHT line studies are coming to an end

Karaman: Ankara-Istanbul YHT line work is coming to an end: TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman said, “I heard that there was an arrest warrant on my way here to participate in the testing after I thought that this was resolved. There is absolutely no such thing. I don't know anything yet. I hope not. I do not know the content of the subject. I know what is written in some newspapers. I only heard from the news. "A query does not appear."
Karaman, who came to Arifiye station within the scope of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) works and made a test drive on the test train named "Piri Reis", told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the work on the YHT line between Ankara and Istanbul has come to an end.
Stating that “Piri Reis” is found in very few countries, Karaman said, “This train can make all road measurements even when traveling at a speed of 250 kilometers. Therefore, it can make 250 separate measurements. Our friends have tried many places today. Now we are doing a test drive on the Adapazarı and Köseköy route. Hopefully, if there is time, we are planning that our Prime Minister will start test drives on the route between Ankara and Istanbul. I hope we will make these works ready, ”he said.
Karaman, the investigation related to the allegedly related to himself said:
“Unfortunately, when we saw some newspaper headlines in the morning, we saw such a situation. Then I went to my office and made the necessary explanation there. It is said to be an investigation that we do not know but learned from newspaper headlines. No questions were asked to us, no inquiries were made.
After hearing that this was solved, I heard that there was an arrest warrant on my way to the test. This is definitely not the case. There's nothing I know yet. I hope not. I don't know the content. I know what's written in some newspapers. I just heard it from the news. A query does not appear. As regards the issue, the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office made a statement and stated the confidentiality of the issue.
Our whole power is to complete the High Speed ​​Train between Ankara and Istanbul and present it to the service of our people. We're here for that. I would like to thank you very much for the support of our government and our government for rail investments. We want our press to support more. We think that it doesn't make sense to bother us with such news.


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