Maintenance break for Olympos cable car in Tahtali

Maintenance break for Olympos cable car in Tahtalı: The Olympos cable car line, which takes it to the top of Tahtalı Mountain, was taken into maintenance between 11-22 November.
The Olympos cable car line, which brings thousands of tourists to the summit of Tahtalı Mountain in Kemer district of ANTALYA, was taken care of between 11-22 November. Approximately 10 personnel are working together with the technical team from Switzerland.
Giving information about the works, Haydar Gümrükçü, General Manager of Olimpos Teleferik, said that they closed the cable car at the end of its 11th season between 22-7 November in order to provide better service and a safer journey. Explaining that they reviewed the whole system including the smallest parts, Gümrükçü said, “Special technical personnel came from Switzerland for this. Approximately 10 of our staff are working. Security is of paramount importance to us. The length of the masts is 66 meters and our staff works very cautiously. There are periodic maintenance we do daily, monthly, yearly and 5 years. This study is one of them. Our wires are guaranteed for 30 years and we do their maintenance separately ”.
In the summer season, passed very well, this month, the 200 thousand visitors approaching the transfer of the Customs, said: iye By the end of the year 205 thousand people to the top of the peak. This number was thousands in the years of opening, the number is constantly increasing every year. Winter is a different landscape with snow falling in the season. We are excited about our guests and our guests. We're gonna do our snow houses. Hot wine inside and outside will be given sausage bread. Those who do not see snow in Antalya, come here to play with snow.

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