Marmaray Maneuver of City Lines

Marmaray Maneuver of the City Lines: City Lines attracted its new weapon in competition with Marmaray, which will be the biggest blow. The new ferries will also be open-air and panaromic glazed.
City Lines of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 29 has unveiled its new trump card in October to get rid of the overwhelming competition of Marmaray.
City Lines, which will decrease the number of passengers after Marmaray from 2014, will give weight to the touristic Bosphorus tours. For this purpose, the tender for the new steamer 4 was announced. The offerings of 700 personality steamers will be fully open. Closed sections will be made of glass to see the Bosphorus better.
250 thousand passengers per day
City Lines carrying 250 thousand passengers a day, 1 will transport more than one million people on different routes between Marmaray and 4 which will carry the 3 minutes in between. Marmaray will carry 1.5 million people when 350 runs with full capacity after years. All the ferries in the industry carry only one thousand people a day. In this case, tourism will come to the fore in maritime transport. City Lines, which still make tours to the Islands and the Moonlight, will shift to the touristic tours, where most of the ferries are struggling to catch up.
Weight of tourism will increase
For the Greek, Italian and Spanish tourists, faith tourism will be held in the Golden Horn. He will also perform Easter Day tours to the Princes' Islands. All tours will be held in places such as Fener and Balat. While the public transport within the City Lines will decrease, the weight of tourism will increase.
Istanbul City Lines still make a different Bosphorus tour at 2. On the first route, the ferries that depart from Üsküdar or Ortaköy pass the FSM Bridge. In the big round, he departs from Eminönü and crosses to Anadolu Kavağı where 1.5 is taking a break.
Double-sided berthing 25 will burn less
4 ferries will be delivered in 1 years. The ferries that will be launched next year will have a total of 200 passengers, each with an 500 open and a closed 700. The number of new steamers will rise to 10 in the second stage. Both engine technology and aerodynamic body will consume less fuel than 25. Steamers on both sides of the engine and the ramps can be double-sided. This feature will not make a turn in the docking and take-off maneuvers, and 25 will save time and fuel.
Steamer 3 will be emptied per minute
In the new steamers, the entrances and exits will be made from the ramps at the front and rear. Thus passengers can land in 3 minutes.

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