The work will be presented to the Prime Minister for Duran Sakarya-Karasu Railway

The work will be presented to the Prime Minister for the Sakarya-karasu Railway Duran: Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the October Ordinary General Assembly Meeting speaking in the SATSO President Mahmut Kösemusul, Karasu Port Karasu-Sakarya railway, said: We have received information that the budget allocated for the work on infrastructure is over. We are planning to forward our problems to the Prime Minister in the coming days. Bu
Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry was held in the Ordinary Assembly Meeting in October. After the voting and the voting of the agenda items, the minutes of the 1093 Assembly session were discussed.
October's Kat'i Trial Balance and its attachments and the Budget Monitoring Report were unanimously accepted after being read by the Account Review Commission President Melih Kaykayoğlu.
Providing information about the monthly activities of the Board of Directors, SATSO Chairman Mahmut Kösemusul stated that the export figures of September were satisfactory on the part of the economy of our province and he said the following: ayı We are taking firm steps in line with our targets and within the framework of 2023 vision. The increase in exports of Sakarya is satisfactory. When we look at the overall picture in terms of exports, the increase in general rather than small increases and decreases gives us hope for the future and directs us to work with more ambition and ambition. Sakarya September exports 214 million 813 thousand dollars was realized. In January-September 2013 9 monthly figures are evaluated; Our Sakarya, 1 583 billion 215 with a thousand dollars and 12,7 increase compared to the same period last year 9 increased and 40 in the list of exporting provinces. he kept his place in line. Our city compared to September last year exports increased XNUMX percent, and Turkey has remained above the average. "
Tik As Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we read the world trade and took action. We carry out all the activities necessary for our members to develop their trade, eğitim Kösemusul informed members of the council about the trainings given to the members at SATSO and the trainings planned for the upcoming period.
Kösemusul said, “SATSO aims to say enough is enough for you in searching for information, we are renewing our SATSO website. Education is the source of being permanent and making a difference. We continue to increase our training activities, which we organize jointly with Turkey's top quality trainers and reliable institutions. In October, customer satisfaction and communication in the service sector, Public Speaking, Motivation and Self-Confidence training, heat pump and kazan We carried out the training programs for the establishment of the office. I would like to share our future training programs with you, our esteemed council members: First Aid Training, Sales Person Training in the Retail Sector, Management Roadmap, Effective Speech and Diction, Effective Empathic, Corporate Communication and Techniques of Saying No, How to Better Sales, Marketing and Collections. it will be. We know that it is difficult for an employer who does not develop himself or his employees.”
President Kösemusul informed the members of the Assembly about the existing and established Organized Industrial Zones. We are particularly sensitive as the administration with our parliament speaker for the development of industrialization outside of the valuable farmland, in he said. Mahmut Kösemusul, who gave information about the latest situation in the OIZs, said:
“We aim to move forward in an orderly and controlled manner by expanding the 1st OIZ and preventing distorted industrialization. Two years ago, we worked to include an area to the north of the 12st OIZ, which was opened for development approximately 13-1 years ago, into the OIZ. However, it was delayed for various reasons. At the moment, our work will result in the regular progress and growth of industrialization by expanding the 1st OIZ. A new growth zone for our Sakarya kazanwe will have risen. One vacant lot remained in Hendek 2nd OSB. Road works continue in Söğütlü OSB. Infrastructure works related to Ferizli OSB are started. We aim to complete the region quickly. The works will start next year in Kaynarca Furniture Specialized OIZ with the completion of the expropriation files at the end of the year. In SAMİB Specialized OIZ, we plan to complete the site explorations and put them into operation very soon. Applications have been made for PVC Specialized OIZ, Automotive Specialized OIZ and Geyve Gıda Specialized OIZ, and site explorations will be made later. In these processes, we get stuck with bureaucracy.”
Stating that with the completion of the Karasu Port and the railway, Sakarya will take a big leap forward in economic terms, President Mahmut Kösemusul said, “Our Karasu Port is important to us, and the company here expects the railway between Karasu and Sakarya to be completed. We also want the railway to be completed as soon as possible. We have been informed that the budget allocated for the studies on infrastructure is over. We are planning to convey our problems in this regard to our prime minister in a file in the coming days. We will do our best to make the port complete and operational. Our greatest strength is our unity. Thank God, this union will bring us to all our goals. As SATSO, we will always continue to stand by the manufacturer. We aim to industrialize by protecting fertile agricultural lands and create a brand in this field with the support to be obtained ”.

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