BTK Railway construction left Arpaçayı without water (Photo Gallery)

BTK Railway construction left Arpaçayı without water: In the Taşbaşı Region, where the construction of Baku, Tbilisi and Kars Railways (BTK) in the Arpaçay district of Kars continued, the giant rocks scattered around during the works carried out by the contractor left the district dehydrated.
During the work of the construction company (BAYÇEL), huge rock masses spreading from the cliffs to the Arpaçay have been destroyed by the destruction of old and new water channels that carry water to Arpaçay.
Arpaçay Mayor Enver Akkaya stated that the old and new water canals were destroyed by giant rock masses.
Akkaya also stated that the water channels passing through both sides of the alternative road connecting the region to the district exploded in various places. Despite the fact that in the winter, the district can not be given to the President voicing President Akkaya, the contractor firm officials despite all warnings remain unresponsive to the problem, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and Prime Minister Erdogan said he would complain personally.
Mayor Enver Akkaya stated that the state brought very important services to the region and that they care about Baku, Tbilisi and Kars Railway Project; Ir Arpaçay district is known as ve Taşbasi edil by the old and new water channels. In addition, the alternative road passing through the middle of both water channels connects the region to the district. The construction of Baku, Tbilisi and Kars railway continues in this region. However, during the construction work on the water channel and along the road, huge rock masses weighing tons of cliffs fall on the road and on the water canal. Therefore, the falling rocks destroyed the road and destroyed the old and new water channels as well. Currently at least 20 in the region has erupted in place. Arpachay was dehydrated. Although we have not informed the contractor company authorities for months, they have ignored the warnings of our municipality. What happened here was determined by the gendarmerie and the relevant units of our municipality, and it was transferred to the District Governor and the Prosecutor's Office. Burada

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