Tram to Metro to Metrobus

Metrobus to Antalya instead of Tram: The North Antalya Ring Road will be reached to EXPO 2016.EXPO Secretary General Selami Gülay stated that the Northern Antalya Ring Road will reach the fair, where it was included in the investment program by the Ministry of Development, and stated that the Metrobus will solve the transportation problem with Metrobus instead of the tram. EXPO Secretary General Selami Gülay, who was a guest at the regular meeting of YÖRSİAD in November, gave information about the fair activities. Gülay stated that the North Antalya Ring Road will be brought to the fair to be opened on April 23, 2016, and announced that the Ministry of Development has included the road in the investment program. Transportation to the fair Gülay asked about how 8 million visitors coming from abroad will be transported to the EXPO Fair, “Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has conveyed to us that the transportation problem to the fair area, which is 16 kilometers away from the city center, will be solved by Metrobus instead of the Rail System”.

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