Ankara Metro to be opened before New Year

Ankara Metro will be opened before the New Year: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek stated that the work on the Ankara subway is continuing and said, "I hope Ankara residents will get on the subway before Christmas." Gökçek also claimed that the CHP made an offer to Mustafa Sarıgül for the candidacy of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor.
Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek, who participated in the broadcast of Kral FM, answered the questions of Kral Group General Broadcasting Coordinator Mehmet Akbay.
Gökçek made a striking claim about the CHP's Ankara candidate in the local elections.
Claiming that CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu made an offer to Mustafa Sarıgül for candidacy, Gökçek stated that this offer was not accepted by Sarıgül.
Giving information about the metro works in Ankara, the mayor noted that the metro will be opened before the new year.
You have been on duty for 20 years in Ankara. You have been working in harmony with the prime minister for the last 10 years. Is there any excuse for your failure?
We didn't fail.
Isn't there something you didn't want to do?
There is something we cannot do, I started subways. We spent 1 quadrillion and 100 billion dollars, but I wanted to start in more fields, and then the money was not enough. We knew that the government would eventually embrace this, and we made a bit of a courtesy to the Prime Minister. I hope they will get on the subway before Christmas.
Will it be all over in 2015?
Of course, we're gonna start a new one.
How long does it take for the 250 km metro?
20 needs to pass the year.
What do you have to say for Ankara?
There is a lot. Young people in Ankara do not know other mayors than me. Ankara's 30-year population does not remember Ankara's past. It was a city in Ankara where birds fell off branches due to air pollution.
Is air pollution over as soon as you arrive?
We brought natural gas, it's over. We had a very serious water problem, now Ankara will not have a water problem for 50 years. These are unknown events that make sense when they are made.
The green area in Ankara was 2 square meters per person when I arrived, now the green area is 19 square meters, but the population has also increased. There is no city in the world that I believe can compete with us in going green. We have the greenest and most environmentally friendly fleet in the world. 1260 of the buses are natural gas. There were no recreation areas when I arrived, but there were areas where drugs were used. Now there is no other city in the world that has as many recreation areas as we do.
Do you have any ideas about Istanbul? Do you ever say to Kadir Topbaş that I would have done this if I were?
Surely it is, but it wouldn't be elegant to say it, it would be smart.
You were at the forefront of sightseeing.
There is a lot behind the Gezi events. One; There are some countries especially in Europe. There are some groups in the USA. There is Syria and Iran.
Were the mistakes made in the first place planned?
They were all planned.
Wouldn't that be so big if those tents weren't burned?
He grew up. CNN is coming a week before these events start, they want to rent for a live broadcast car for 1 weekly. Be blessed how do you know these events in 1 weeks in advance?
Is this evidence?
Sure, go ask.
With the name and silhouette of the person in 'Standing Man', Ethem is broadcast from Taiwan 5 hours before stopping here. Could these be coincidences?
Has the government made no mistakes?
He didn't. Police zero error. Did the police slingshot? Did it rain a rock? Did he throw Molotov? No, he never made a brine. What did the police do? He used gas and water against the attacker. What would you do?
Were there no innocent people on the streets?
The innocent have returned to their homes when the events grew.
There is a road passing through METU. Can you tell us this in its simplest form? What happens if this road doesn't pass through here?
They are not in passing or not. They are against whatever we do. We throw satellites into space, the Prime Minister has not done anything left. There is anarchy in the souls of men. The university is 26 thousand, the number of those participating in anarchy does not exceed 250. Not all are students, some are lecturers, some come from outside. The issue was burned by a student recently, the burning student turned out to be from Hacettepe. They don't have any problems with METU, they just want chaos. Staff activists.
METU members came together and made 27 projects. We surrendered, we said let's do whatever you want. Finally, the 27th plan was accepted. There are roughly 600 trees on the way that need to be transplanted. We said to the rector how many trees we remove from there, we should plant 10 floors of it where you want in METU provided that it is adult trees. No, he said, we don't accept.
You're a candidate. How did you apply?
The application form of our party is as follows: Those who want to be a candidate will fill in the form and will be a candidate.
Was there another candidate?
There's another candidate.
Have you had a meeting with the Prime Minister?
No, it never happened.
It is said that the CHP and MHP will unite in front of you. Do you see the risk of losing?
I do not believe there will be a combination of MHP-CHP. Our citizens who are members of MHP are those with high national and moral values. They do not vote for the CHP, which is a party that is hand in hand with the DHKP-C. If the MHP does not nominate a candidate, the party feature will disappear and will be deleted in the second election.
We see tweets about your assets. They say there's billions of dollars in wealth. Is your fortune open to everyone?
This comes up before every election. We declare our wealth before each election. I have never been slandered until the last election period in my life. The tongue has no bones. Whisper whisper, rumors took away. I said, 'Prove it, I will withdraw from the mayor. Swords were drawn with Kılıçdaroğlu, I disgraced him on the TV show. Then he explained, that Karayalçın gave me this information. They can give me to the prosecutor's office every day for 5 years, not even a single criminal complaint has been made. Nobody should say anything, if there is an honor, he will petition the prosecutor's office.
Sarıgül joined the CHP.
No, CHP joined Sarıgül.
Yes I asked this question. Another question I asked was also raised in Turkey. He said 'Erdogan is the world leader'.
After that, he twisted. Do you think she did it? Do you think CHP joined Sarıgül Did Sarıgül joined the CHP.
Mr. President, I cannot answer this question.
Sarıgül and Kılıçdaroğlu met in front of the party and greeted the citizens together. Sarıgül took Kılıçdaroğlu's hand up, it means 'I am your leader'. Sarıgül crushed Kılıçdaroğlu and made him three pennies. Does such a thing happen? There is no such thing as Kılıçdaroğlu.
Who are the barons, president?
Industry, businessmen, media circles in Istanbul… They come together and make meetings and plans. The barons will especially meet with the leaders of the PKK and prevent Sırrı Süreyya from becoming a mayoral candidate. The candidate of Gezi is Sarıgül.
Do you have a survey?
Vari. I got it done with 45 thousand 851 people. Its average is 50.02, if the undecided give it 55.2. Getting over 55 that was my heartfelt.
What will you say about the problem between Mr. Bülent Arınç and Mr. Prime Minister?
Mr. Prime Minister said that no one can come between us. There may be intentional or unintentional breakage. This would be a source of joy for the opposition, it would not give them such a taste.
Was there a misunderstanding about the Prime Minister's statement that 'girls and boys should not stay in the same house'?
There are many young people over the age of 18 who use drugs. Does the family say, 'My dear is over 18, let's not get involved'? This is the point of view of the Prime Minister. There are some houses that are used as appointment houses. You were going hourly, used daily. These places are used as prostitutes and called as student houses. They say that the student houses were prostitutes, so don't be misunderstood. They use the name student house. Otherwise, what can we say about the two lovers living together after their parents give their consent?
I have a crazy idea for traffic. I want the police to withdraw from the traffic and the municipality to enter the traffic.
I agree 100 percent. Road, sidewalk, signaling, parking is the municipality. But he can't manage the traffic. It is impossible to understand such a logic. I always support this.
Defending that there is no unemployment in Ankara upon a question, Gökçek said, “Unemployment is zero in Ankara. Who can not find a job, go to the industrial zone immediately. The trouble in Ankara is not liking the job. There is absolutely no such thing as unemployment. Workers are wanted in the industrial zones, ”he said.
Expressing that he will be sorry if he cannot be a candidate, Gökçek said, “There is a possibility that I will not be a candidate. I will be sorry if I cannot be a candidate. I work with whoever is nominated. "I want to finish my work," he said.
Melih Gökçek also made a claim for the CHP's candidacy for Ankara Metropolitan Mayor.
Gökçek used the following statements: “He made an offer to Mustafa Sarıgül for Kılıçdaroğlu's candidacy for Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Kılıçdaroğlu offered the candidacy, Sarıgül did not accept it.

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