Lonely Keepers of Deserted Stations

The lonely keepers of the deserted stations: They are the only men of the long thin railroad tracks running among the mountains. The intermediate stations, which once witnessed joys and longing, are now quiet. He has neither a person nor an outgoing…

In recent years, the economic evacuation of the villages, trains left the stations of loneliness in the arms. Some of them are locked in the door, some have only one officer. With the development of signaling systems, people have replaced the technological devices. Previously, the ticket booths, which cut hundreds of passengers, lowered their shutters. Motion officers who work only at the stops are bringing the trains together.

Tired of loneliness, station officials look forward to the arrival of the trains. Everything is arranged according to the train time. Drivers are coming off from the stopped trains. Teas are brewed to say maybe a couple of words, but sohbetBefore I get the taste of it, the departure time comes and goes. Sohbet like the teas are left unfinished. Needed on the way to the passengers… The drivers are sent off with good wishes. Then again loneliness.

Of course, there are loyal companions who do not leave them at the stations. Cats and dogs became companions of officers. When asked for 'nevale' from the trains coming from the city during the day, theirs become separate. Station officers look at his life companions. It's not easy, loneliness among the crowds is theirs. They are alone among the hundreds of passengers who come and go every day. There are also those who are wrapped in a paper pen and describe their troubles on paper. Most of them find a job until the end of the seizure.


Yahya Çetinbaş works at Alayunt Müselles Train Station in Kütahya. Çetinbaş states: “For example, I get on the train, sometimes I get on the machine. When he opens the window with the machinists, when he opens the throttle, the machine shouts or shouts every time he opens the throttle, and that voice sounds fun. The sounds of the sealing heads are like unusual music. On my way, it never passes through my mind (let me look out the window or watch it). I sleep in that voice. In fact, the machines are very noisy. But we can chat with the machinists, there is no such quiet environment, but we have a conversation. This is how we hear each other's voices. That's the pleasure.

Çetinbaş, Soldier is farewell, we make a bitter whistle so that the senders shed some tears. Especially those who send off soldiers or marry their children to work and send them to work outside. We support it, of course. In particular, we ask the machinists to send the soldiers, 'Steal a little' ... When he steals a little long until he gets out of the scissors, everyone's tears flow like a flood. They love the train sound like that. ” He speaks.


Ramazan Gürcan is an officer at the train station in Gazellidere village of Dursunbey district of Balıkesir. "Our job is with people, passengers ..." Gürcan said, "Bringing passengers together ... If you think about it, a person is going to feast, going to his family. You become an intermediary in reuniting her family. By this time he started to give me an honor. I started to feel honor for this work. Intermediate station or loneliness? Loneliness!" says.

Gürcan emphasizes that the poems are about loneliness, stating that he sometimes writes poetry at the station: “I have nothing extra but I am curious about writing poetry, sometimes I scribble. But I'm not very advanced on that. Poems are mostly about loneliness. As soon as I leave the house, I start to miss my kids. I say what they did. Imagine six in the morning, my wife, my children are alone at home. ”

Gürcan's last words are as follows; "We are alone, we are alone, but we are happy to bring people together, and when we see this, we say that we are doing an honorable job."


Ümit Kasım Eroğlu, who works at Yeniköy Train Station in the Kesput district of Balıkesir, said, “We cannot get out of the station building. According to the railway traffic system in the station, we cannot leave our location. We are constantly in a room and we can go up to fifty-hundred meters. ” says.

Eroğlu said, “Loneliness… Everybody goes somewhere, you are there. You can't go anywhere. Loneliness, I can't say anything else. ” uses expressions.


Zülfikâr Göz is on duty at Mezitler Train Station of Kesput. "You are constantly waiting for the train at the station, there is nothing else you can do." She says: “When the train comes, you have an expectation. Has a passenger got into it by mistake? Because sometimes passengers are accidentally riding in central locations. Probably someone is coming down at your station. It's a surprise for you. Maybe you do not know someone is coming, but after all you are looking for someone to talk to. You invite you to the station. You are talking to him.

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