Road Works on Kayseri Rail Road

Road Works on Kayseri Rail System Route Continues Quickly: The road work carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality on the rail system route between Mimarsinan Junction and İldem continues intensively. Concentrating in front of Wonderland [more…]


Bulgaria's Longest Motorway Opened ...

With the completion of the last 34 kilometers of the Sofia-Burgas Thrace Motorway in Bulgaria, the second motorway, which was completely completed, started its operations. Official opening of the longest highway in Bulgaria. Sofia-Burgas Thrace, which connects the capital to the sea coast [more…]


Konya Tramways Never Rampage

Konya Tramways Never Pulled During Ramadan: The intense and extreme heat experienced in these days in Konya, on the other hand, increased the passenger capacity on the tram during Ramadan fast especially in the morning and evening. Everyday [more…]

06 Ankara

Gölbaşı Metrobüs line departs | Ankara

Gölbaşı Metrobus line departs: At the fast-breaking dinner he attended in Gölbaşı, Gökçek asked the citizen about the metrobus, “Should the current practice continue?” posed the question. Gökçek announced that the metrobus would take off after the majority said 'no'. Metropolitan Municipality [more…]


TCDD pays their money

TCDD pays expropriation: The land and fields expropriated due to High Speed ​​train work are being paid. TCDD made a call to the citizens whose land was expropriated. Payments are made The money will be paid through Vakıfbank. [more…]


Old Man Slams Tram in Samsun

Tram Hits Old Man in Samsun: The light rail system tram hit the old man trying to cross the street in front of the Grand Hotel in Samsun. The incident took place in front of the Atatürk Boulevard Büyük Samsun Hotel in the district of İlkadım. [more…]

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Crazy Tunnel Project of China

China is preparing to build the world's longest submarine tunnel. Developing itself in the field of technology, China has started to sign very effective projects. The Chinese government started to work for a crazy project, Dalian in the northeast of the country [more…]