07 Antalya

Antalya-Kayseri Railway Project EIA report submitted to ministry

Antalya-Kayseri Railway Project EIA report was submitted to the ministry: 29 July 2013 Monday The EIA Report, prepared by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments, regarding the "Antalya - Kayseri Railway Project", was submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Transportation, Maritime and Communication within the borders of Antalya, Konya, Aksaray, Nevşehir and Kayseri provinces and districts. [more…]


Adara's crashed bicycle died

The cyclist hit by Adaray died: The cyclist who was hit by the suburban train in Sakarya's Adapazarı district died. The suburban train named 'Adaray', which was implemented by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality between Adapazarı Train Station and Arifiye Train Station, crashed into Yunus Yahyaoğlu (63) at the Erbakan Boulevard level crossing. The bike was dragged under the train for about 150 meters. Yahyaoğlu, dragged by the train, died at the scene. [more…]

06 Ankara

Mudurnun YHT has fallen to the summit

Mudurnun's enthusiasm for YHT fell short: TCDD put an end to the discussions on the location of the stops on the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line, which is planned to open on October 29. According to the statement, the high-speed train will take passengers on and off at 3 stops in total during the 10-hour journey. Mudurnu was also on the agenda before, on the High Speed ​​​​Train line. It was noteworthy that Mudurnu was not among the announced stops. 700 [more…]

34 Spain

In Spain, the engineer of the train accident will be tried pending!

The driver of the train that crashed in Spain will be tried pending trial!: The driver of that train, which happened in Spain last week and killed 79 people, was released pending trial. The authority to drive a train was taken from that mechanic, who made twice the speed he should have done and admitted it. The train in Spain, which happened last week and shook the world agenda [more…]

07 Antalya

Rapid train to Antalya

High-speed train proposal to Antalya: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Reconstruction city center route and main station plan has been prepared for the 5-kilometer Antalya-Kayseri High Speed ​​​​Train Project, for which the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications prepared the project with a cost of 520 million TL. In the project regarding the route and the main station center prepared and presented upon the request of the Ministry, Manavgat, Serik [more…]

41 Switzerland

Swiss suburban trains collided (Video)

Suburban trains collided in Switzerland: At least 35 people were injured in the accident that occurred as a result of the collision of two trains in the west of Switzerland. It was reported that the number of injured in the accident, which occurred as a result of the collision of two trains in the west of Switzerland, is at least 35. The cantonal police of Vaud said that the accident occurred at 50:19.00 local time near the Granges-pres Marnand station, XNUMX kilometers south-west of the city of Bern. [more…]


Canalioğludan municipality Trabzon-Erzincan railway criticism

Trabzon-Erzincan railway criticism from Canalioğlu to the municipality: Upon the call made by the Trabzon-Erzincan Railway platform, CHP Trabzon Deputy Volkancanalioğlu made a statement. Canalioğlu's written statement included the following statements; Canalioğlu said, “The railway is indispensable for our Trabzon and our region. I continue to work on the subject of parliament. It is pleasing that non-governmental organizations bring the railway issue to the agenda.” place for statements [more…]

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49 Germany

Riyadh metro construction entrusted to Siemens

Riyadh metro construction is entrusted to Siemens: Siemens, which is preparing to sell rail systems to many countries of the world, including Turkey, has taken the lion's share of Saudi Arabia's huge infrastructure investment. The consortium, which also includes Siemens, will start infrastructure works in Saudi Arabia with the construction of a metro in the capital Riyadh. Parting ways with CEO Peter Löscher, Siemens has taken the lion's share of Saudi Arabia's huge infrastructure investment. [more…]


Trabzonlular Association Supported Rail System Project Between Kozlu and Zonguldak

Trabzon People's Association Supported the Rail System Project Between Kozlu and Zonguldak: President of Trabzon Culture and Solidarity Association Ahmet Bayrak said that they support the rail system project between Kozlu and Zonguldak. Trabzon Culture and Solidarity Association President Ahmet Bayrak stated that they support the Kozlu-Zonguldak rail system project to be carried out by the City Council. Bayrak said in a statement, “Zonguldak-Kozlu was initiated by the Zonguldak City Council. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Mayor of Izmit Dogan YHT examined the work

İzmit Mayor Doğan examined YHT works: İzmit Mayor Nevzat Doğan met with the citizens in Cumhuriyet Mahallesi where the High Speed ​​​​Train line will pass. Doğan, who started his neighborhood visit by examining the YHT studies, stated that Turkey has advanced in transportation and said that after the projects implemented, it has become a rival to developed countries. Stating that the YHT works are continuing rapidly, Doğan said about the project. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Eagle metro rents increased by 58 percent

Kartal subway rents increased by 58 percent: According to Hurriyetemlak.com June 2013 Real Estate Index, rental house prices in Kartal increased by 58 percent compared to the previous year. Kartal, which is the biggest metro investment in the history of the Republic and also the first metro on the Anatolian side,Kadıköy Metro with Eagle Kadıköy It also provided great convenience in transportation by reducing the distance between them to 32 minutes. [more…]

doha metro will raise the world cup
1 America

Hill International Doha Metro Project

Although Qatar is the second smallest country in the Middle East, with a population of just over 1 million, it has never considered itself worthy of small and short-term goals, on the contrary, it has always planned its future with a long-term growth target and ambitious goals that are hard to surpass. Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors in this is the world's third largest sea in the North Sea, after Iran and Russia. [more…]


Amsterdam model in Manisya light rail transportation system

Manisa, which is one of the 20 pilot provinces in the Amsterdam model: Capacity Building for EU Works Project (VABPro) in the Manisya light rail transportation system and has made the most progress in the project, in this context, Sweden's Linköping, light rail transportation facilities, which is one of the most serious problems of the city. In the field of transportation systems, the systems implemented by the cities of Amsterdam in the Netherlands will be taken as an example and examined. of the Ministry of the Interior [more…]