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At the end of a day when the sun has already sunk in the suburban train at the end of the train at which station, how do you ride and descend? A review of the lighting conditions of suburban railway stations on the Anatolian side of Istanbul via Kızıltoprak station rak
In fact, we know at what station we ride on the train, whichever way we want to get to where we want, and the suburban train. How it is is determined by the existing regulations of the stations. The first two stations on the line, Haydarpasa and Sogutlucesme, with the characteristic buildings and existing top cover remains out of the topic to be mentioned, the problem comes after them, and only consists of two platforms begins. Kızıltoprak, Feneryolu Kızıl. from the beginning of these stations, extending to Pendik but repeating these stations, dark pressure, only the signalization and if you can see the outside of the environment by recognizing each other can distinguish each other. , we can learn the name of the station. However, these signs are not sufficient to see what the numbers
Made of semi-transparent material, the signboard is not clearly separated from the bars on which it is hung. These signs, which cannot be seen from many points of the train, are far from the readability as form and surface due to the inadequacy of the color sources of the light sources used. The relative level of illumination on the long platforms illuminated by a small number of lighting poles greatly reduces the visibility, which is greatly reduced in the areas away from the source as they rise to high levels near these poles. This high contrast in the plane through which the pedestrian movements pass, as well as rapid changes in the environment, leads to drawbacks in terms of security (Resim-2). In addition, the signs on the station buildings are not highlighted by lighting;
The station name post on the side of the station building in the direction of Pendik is lost in the dark. The difference between the brightness levels on the platform is quite evident in this photograph.
Picture-3 The station name on the side of the building is hidden by trees. The difference in brightness level between light sources and the remaining part is too large.
The lighting conditions in suburban stations are as grave as I mentioned above. In order not to get off at the wrong stop, other people in the car ask the station name, especially when developing various measures, the platform
accidents caused by injury are also prevented by the efforts of the users.
However, for the solution of these problems, even simple steps can create big differences. For example, only increasing the number of the signatures of the signs with phosphorescent and increasing the number of stations will be eliminated to a great extent.
A project to be developed with the views and participation of all actors involved in a lighting project, including users and responsible management, can be accurately identified in terms of requirements and requirements for meeting these requirements. This collective work can be initiated with a detailed documentation of the current situation of the platforms and a file that starts with interviews with users' experiences and wishes.
These stations, which are located in a large part of the neighborhood, will be possible by enlightening the neighboring environment to light pollution, using energy efficiently and illuminating the users in a safe and pleasant way and providing better service to their users.

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