14 in Courthouse

14 in Courthouse
In the excavation operation organized by Kocaeli Provincial Gendarmerie Command, 17 of the 14 people who were detained on the allegation that they "made irregularities in the documents and dumped excavation into the environment" were transferred to the courthouse.
According to the information obtained, Kocaeli Provincial Gendarmerie Command teams, who received a notice from Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, that one of the sub-companies, which is a subcontractor of the company that carries out the excavation work of the high-speed train construction, dumped the excavation removed from the railway construction to different points of Kocaeli without permission. In the follow-up, the people who allegedly threatened the police teams, agreed with some officers working in Izmit Waste Incineration and Storage Corporation (İZAYDAŞ), one of the subsidiaries of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, and showed the number of trucks carrying excavation to İZAYDAŞ several times more. If the number of trucks bringing excavation is 10, it was determined that 20 truckloads of excavation were spilled randomly to the environment without ever coming to İZAYDAŞ, and the subcontractor company made a large amount of collections from the parent company.
The gendarmerie carried out an operation last Monday after obtaining sufficient evidence and information. 5 people, 17 of whom were officers in İZAYDAŞ, were detained regarding the incident. While 3 of the individuals whose statements were taken were released, 14 people were transferred from Kocaeli Provincial Gendarmerie Command to Gebze Courthouse very early in the morning. The gendarmerie did not make any official statements about the incident.

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