Odunluk Bridge opened to traffic

Odunluk Bridge was opened to traffic. It was built by the Metropolitan Municipality and connecting the Odunluk and Dikkaldırım neighborhoods.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which is blocked by the rooted solutions, has a new ring with the Odunluk Bridge which connects Osmangazi and Nilüfer districts.
The stench of the years is over in Odunluk,
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Bursa, land, sea and more important work carried out in the sea, stating that the transportation, Odunluk Bridge will also breathe traffic to the region, he said.
Mayor Altepe, with the Wood Bridge, said that many years of problems in the region have been prevented and said: yaş We have solved a problem that has been experienced here for years, perhaps a work that should have been done before 10 - 20 years ago. We used to hear the old cars passing by the stream. It won't be like this anymore. This bridge connecting the Odunluk Bridge and Odunluk, Hüdavendigar, Dikkaldırım and Çekirge districts was completed in a short time. Od
Azi It was a beautiful necklace that tied Nilüfer and Osmangazi “
Noting that the city is in view of the construction site, President Altepe said, olduğun Every aspect of Bursa is carried out in every aspect. Odunluk Bridge was a beautiful necklace that connects the districts of Nilufer and Osmangazi. Od
Reminding that the 'Transportation Master Plan' has been prepared for Bursa, Altepe said that in this period, the city's metro network of approximately 40 km. kazanHe also stated that he was angry. Emphasizing that a great deal of importance was attached to transportation in this period, Mayor Altepe said that investments were made at the points needed to eliminate the knots in urban traffic, and that 31 bridges and intersections in Bursa this period. kazanhe stated that he was yelled at.
”Those who come from the mountain region will relax“
Altepe, saying that the citizens of Odunluk Bridge from the mountain districts will be very comfortable, ı citizens from Keles, Orhaneli, Harmancik and Buyukorhan regions will be connected to Inca in this way to Osmangazi District. The 60 m length and 15 m are wide and have pedestrian pavements including 1 departure and 1 arrival. Wrought iron railings will be installed in a short time instead of the temporary railings placed on the side of the pedestrian paths. Y
Altepe, Odunluk Bridge via the road to İnkaya Çekirge Neighborhood Uludag Street will also eliminate the burden of traffic, he added.
Service in Bursa;
Participating in the ceremony, the AK Party Bursa deputy Mustafa Ozturk said that important works were done in the field of transportation in order to relieve Bursa and increase the quality of life of the city, m We will continue to serve in all areas of Bursa while relieving transportation with alternative routes T.
”Foundation bridges are being built pr
Mayor of Osmangazi Mustafa Dündar thanked Mayor Recep Altepe and said, Recep We are building bridges and connecting districts. At this point, the bridge of hearts is established between the municipalities, the state and the citizens Bu.
“We cannot reach the speed of our president“
Mayor Altepe'ya 'speed can not reach your speed,' 'said Mehmet Taşkeser, head of Çekirge and İlyas Seyhan, headman of Odunluk District, thanked Mayor Altepe for his breath in the region.
AK Party Provincial Chairman Sedat Yalçın and provincial general assembly and council members were present at the ceremony, Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Seyfettin Avşar and Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats attended. Citizens also showed great interest in the opening ceremony of the Wood Bridge. Together with the members of the Protocol, President Altepe, who opened the Bridge of Wood by cutting the ribbon with the confetti, welcomed the drivers of the vehicles that used the bridge.

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