Turkmenistan becomes the logistics center of Central Asia

Turkmenistan is becoming the logistics center of the Central Asia region: Having a significant part of the world's energy resources, Turkmenistan is transforming into the logistics center of the Central Asia region. Thanks to Turkmenistan, Central Asian countries will open to the Persian Gulf via Iran.

An important stage has been reached in the railway line project that Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Iran have jointly implemented. With the completion of the railway, which has a total length of 926 kilometers, Turkmenistan will open to the Persian Gulf, primarily Kazakhstan, thanks to Turkmenistan. In addition, the project will be an important railway network that will connect Asia and Europe.

The part of the line connecting Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan will be opened on May 11. Turkmenistan President Gurbanguli Berdimuhamedov and Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev are expected to attend the opening. Turkmen leader Berdimuhamedov went to Kazakhstan today for various contacts and opening.

The line, which will carry Central Asia to the Persian Gulf, is expected to complete the Iranian part. Turkmenistan has completed 444 kilometers from its territory to the Kazakhstan border. Now, the work continues in the part up to the Iranian border. 146 kilometers of the railway line is located in Kazakhstan, 722,5 kilometers in Turkmenistan and 80 kilometers in Iran. The railway line will reduce the freight transport of Central Asian countries opening to the Persian Gulf. It is aimed to carry up to 12 million tons of cargo by rail.


A Turkish company took part in the Uzen (Kazakhstan) - Gızılgaya-Bereket-Etrek (Turkmenistan) - Gürgen (Iran) railway line project, the foundations of which were laid on December 1, 2007. Net Yapı, a subsidiary of Nata Holding, brought Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan together with a 25 × 60 km railway line in difficult weather conditions reaching -27 degrees in winter and 2 degrees in summer. The Turkish company completed this project in Turkmenistan in 9 months with a 27-kilometer railway line.

In this regard, he completed the energy signalization, supply equipment, construction and payrolling projects with a distance of 234 kilometers between Nata Holding / Net Yapı Buzhu and Serhetyaka stations, which established a factory in Bereket and constructed a 110 kW power transmission line between Serhetyaka and Oğuzhan.


The tripartite agreement on the Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran railway network project, called the North-South Transport Corridor, was signed at the Summit of the Presidents of Caspian Countries in Iran. The project aims to further develop the commercial-economic relations of Central Asian countries and increase transportation between the countries in the region. The rail line will reduce the freight transport route of countries opening to the Gulf by 600 kilometers. In the first place, it is aimed to carry 5 million tons of cargo per year. This capacity will be increased up to 12 million tons later.
On the other hand, it is leading other projects to make it the most important logistics country in the Turkmenistan region. In March 2013, a preliminary protocol was signed for the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan railway project. It is desired to start this project as soon as possible. In April 2011, an agreement was signed in Ashgabat for the establishment of the Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan-Iran-Oman-Qatar international transportation and transit corridor.

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