Intelligent transportation systems for sustainable cities from Siemens

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Intelligent transportation systems from Siemens for sustainable cities: With its expert traffic engineering know-how, Siemens has set up intelligent transportation systems in the city on 900 worldwide.

The last 50 is doubled annually and the world's population exceeding the 7 billion threshold is expected to reach 2050 billion in the 12. In 2030, 60 of the total population is expected to live in cities. Increasing the share of the total population with each passing day, the urban population brings along more intensive traffic and transportation problems that need to be solved. Siemens has developed solutions to traffic problems in almost every region of the world for many years, and introduced its innovative solutions in this field at Intertraffic Istanbul 29 International Infrastructure, Traffic Management, Road Safety and Park Systems Fair organized between 31-2013 May 2013.

More than 900 projects in 1000 city!

With the launch of the 900 Intelligent Transport System project in the 1000 city, where large metropolitan cities such as Berlin and London are among the world's largest cities, Siemens has brought this experience and transportation world solutions together with visitors and industry professionals at Intertraffic Istanbul 2013. Beyond a simple traffic signaling, Siemens offers a modern system for measuring the intensity levels between camera-controlled intersections, and thus minimizes the impact of congestion in other parts of the city.

Siemens, which offers its applications for the sector through the Transportation and Logistics department under the Infrastructure and Cities Sector, offers special solutions for urban and intercity roads. Siemens, located in the city with Full Adaptive Traffic Management Systems, Intersection Control Systems, Traffic Flow Optimization and Park Management, provides Electronic Payment Systems which include applications that can implement different tariffs according to the density of traffic and Highway Management including information systems outside the city. It incorporates. Tunnel automation systems for tunnels used both in the city and between cities are also in the rich portfolio of Siemens for the transportation world.

Siemens Turkey's expertise available all over the world

Turkey's transportation infrastructure necessary to urban as well as suburban lots of projects that contribute to the accumulation of Siemens in this area are appreciated all over the world. Tunnel automation solutions of Siemens's located between the global competence center of Siemens Turkey Transportation and Logistics Department commissioned by Espie - Sarba Highway Tunnel Automation Project, is considered one of the world's most modern tunnel automation projects. So far in Turkey close to the project team establishing the 10 45 tunnel automation system was also provided by the realization of many projects in different countries. Siemens Turkey Transportation and Logistics Department, tunnel bringing energy to tunnel under the automation and distribution, lighting, ventilation in tunnel radio systems, security cameras, water fire extinguishing systems, offers hardware and software related to fire detection and alarm system.

Meet modern solutions in transportation

Siemens will use its expertise in traffic management systems on the İzmit Bay Crossing Bridge, which will continue to be the fourth longest suspension bridge in the world when the construction is completed and completed. Siemens participated in the Intertraffic Istanbul 2013 Fair with a specially crafted stand.

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