A visitor to Metrobus from Greece

A visitor to Metrobus from Greece
A guest came from Greece to get information about Istanbul Metrobus. Athens City Transport Organization Chairman Alexandros S. Deloukas visited IETT and received detailed information about metrobus.

Deputy General Manager of IETT Mümin Kahveci welcomed Alexandros S. Deloukas, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Athens City Transport Organization, the capital of Greece. During the meeting held at IETT's headquarters in Tünel, guest chairman Deloukas was given detailed information about the history of IETT, Istanbul's public transportation systems and metrobus. The guest president, who was invited by Mümin Kahveci, Deputy General Manager of IETT, to the XNUMXth Public Transportation Week events, said that he would gladly attend. At the end of the meeting, the guest president was presented with a nostalgic tram model, the symbol of Istanbul, and an album entitled 'Once Upon a Time Istanbul', which tells about the history of public transportation.

Source : www.iett.gov.t is

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