At the Forum of Urban Economies

📩 27/11/2018 16:16

At the Forum of Urban Economies
The final declaration of the City Economies Forum in Sivas was announced. For the development of Sivas, 5 came up in TÜDEMSAŞ in the forum where the big project was determined. With the modernization of TÜDEMSAŞ, it is foreseen that the number of universities will be increased to 2023 in Sivas until 4.

28 was held in April with the participation of 64. Ak Party Headquarters in 81 province was held in Sivas. Ak Party Provincial Chairman Burhanettin Kuru, City Economies Form 25 project in the form of the agenda, stating that they were later merged and reported that the 5 project. At the press conference organized in the dry party building, they gave information about the final declaration of the Former Economy Form.

8 table with the participation of 64 people in the forum will be made by examining the projects that will be prepared by indicating Burhanettin Kuru, the report will be prepared by the experts to be presented to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, then the ministries will be delivered to the projects will be realized, he added.

Dry, the forum will continue to be made twice a year thereafter, he added.
In the Forum of Urban Economies Hot and Cold Çermik and Kangal and Kalkın fish ponds in Sivas with the development of health tourism, modernization of TÜDEMSAŞ, large industrial facilities based on agriculture and stockbreeding and until the 2023 4 to be raised to the number of universities in Sivas .

The 5 prominent vision projects of Sivas in the city economies forum are as follows:
1. Investments in the utilization of Sivas's geothermal resources in health tourism, energy acquisition and agricultural development (greenhouse cultivation). Investments in the development of culture, nature, congress and winter tourism as well as health tourism. In this context, in addition to the Yıldız Mountain project, for example, the arrangement and greening of the Kızılırmak River; two historical bridgesKarşıyaka bridge) between the tourist facilities should be considered as a priority.

  1. The modernization of TÜDEMSAŞ, increasing its competitiveness and making Sivas a production center for railway transportation by using its infrastructure.
  2. Establishment of specialized organized industrial zones in the center of Sivas and in certain districts. In this context, in addition to the industry, animal husbandry, marble and natural stone areas such as the front.

  3. The establishment of large industrial facilities based on agriculture and animal husbandry and the establishment of integrated facilities especially in organic agriculture should be targeted.

  4. Reaching the quality of education in Sivas by creating a socio-cultural environment that will increase the contribution of the university to the city economy. Again, in this context, the effective implementation of the number of universities and university research centers in Sivas and the efforts to improve university-city cooperation should be considered.

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