Worker falling over the wagon lost his life

Sivas in Turkey Railways TCDD wagons engaged in the production Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. (TUDEMSAS) factory worker who works as a subcontractor in the factory 32 Gaddafi Gulmez, repair workshop died as a result of falling wagon.

Sitting in the neighborhood of the Resurrection, Gaddafi Gulsad, the father of a married and a father of the 3, came to the TÜDEMSAŞ Factory where he worked this morning and started to work in the wagon repair workshop. Gaddafi Gulmez, the cargo wagon carried by the crane to repair the fall of the rope as a result of the fall, was left under the wagon. Ambulances were shipped on the accident. However, Gülmez was found dead in the examination. In the meantime, some of the workers fell under the railcar workers who saw the accident after the factory reacted to the accident. On top of this, a large number of police teams were referred to the scene. Police teams took security measures inside and outside the factory. Outside the factory, 50 reacted to workers' authorities, arguing that the necessary security measures were not taken at the workplace and they were working under inappropriate conditions. Relatives of the unfortunate worker on the scene had a nervous breakdown.

Gaddafi Gülmez'in funeral by the Public Prosecutor's office at the scene after an autopsy to be done Cumhuriyet University Medical Faculty Hospital morgue was removed. The police teams took precautions against any risk of an incident. An investigation was launched on the subject.

Source: Hürriyet

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