İZBAN stopped again due to electrical failure

İZBAN stopped again due to electrical failure
The trains did not work for about half an hour due to the electrical failure, the stations were full ası
The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir jointly carried out a week on the 80 kilometer Aliaga-Menderes Line, a week full of problems and unfortunate events.
After the rupture of the tracks in the past day and the time-lapse of the voyage due to the expansion work at Halkapınar Transfer Station, today, the electricity crisis has taken place!
Due to the explosion of TEDAŞ's transformer in Aliağa, electricity went through Aliağa-Menemen. All İZBAN line affected by the fault, the trains stopped, did not work until half an hour. There were clusters in the stations until the fault was rectified. Expeditions resumed when TEDAŞ solved the problem.
Sebehattin Eris, General Manager of İZBAN, said: The problem is not from us, from TEDAS. Soon we solved the trains. Ard

Source : http://www.izmirport.com.tr

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