Elazigspor Coach Vural Admired Local Tram Technology

Yilmaz Vural
Yilmaz Vural

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality consulting the ELAZIĞSPOR participate in the test drive in Turkey's first indigenous tram produced in coach Yilmaz Vural, 30 years for over stating that he lived in Germany, technologically indigenous tram said to have properties superior to those of Germany.

Elazığspor coach Yılmaz Vural and the players before the match with Bursaspor produced in consultation with the Metropolitan Municipality of Turkey's examine the test track in the first place Burulaş tram. Technical team and the players on the tram that gives information about the characteristics of the Tram Project Coordinator and Metropolitan Municipality Consultant Taha Aydin President, European countries 30-40 years of experience with a team of experienced engineers can perform a project 3 said they do with years of work. Stating that the local tram, which is the product of Turkish engineers, has passed all the tests and received the production certificates, Aydın emphasized that the company can now go on tenders.

Bravo in one word

Bursa came first as a coach in 1988 and that day's Bursa and today there is a huge difference between voicing Elazigspor coach Yilmaz Vural, gel At that time, Bursa, Sculpture and Altiparmak was just about. Today we look at the population, the industry has become Turkey's pupil with the sport. Mayor visited the evening and talked about the tram project. I know he is a big fan of Bursaspor. We saw the tram on the spot and we took the test drive. I've been in Germany for more than 30 years, and I'm constantly getting on the tram to the subway. I can proudly say that the tram has technologically superior features from those there. When the prime minister says 'I am looking for a father-in-law' for the local car, in Bursa rail systems, this father has made the bravery beautiful. I'm proud. Bravo in one word. Tek

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