Local Tram Silkworm Stuck in the Park Bar on the First Day

cars parked in the silk
cars parked in the silk

Native tram Silkworm was attached to the first day parking barrier: Turkey's first indigenous tram 'Silkworm' insensitive barrier was installed to drive the first day.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, produced in consultation and 6,5-kilometer line T1 Sculpture-Garage which will work on Turkey's first indigenous tram 'Silkworm' journey began on time. The Silkworm moving from Kent Square caught the wrong parking barrier in the Sculpture with approximately 100 passengers inside.

An unidentified person 16 xx xxx plate car 'Silkworm' parked on the road route. On top of this, the first domestic tram could not proceed with the passengers in the police teams came to the rescue. Teams at the scene announcements, appealing on the person not called. The driver of the car can not be found wrong, the vehicle was taken to the parking lot with the help of a tow truck.

Teams, wrong parking and the car because of the movies learned to write a penalty for the driver. After a half-hour delay 'Silkworm' continued on the path opened.

Passengers who rejoiced in the start of the flights said, en These warnings are happening for days. We have business. We're late for places to go. But the police are taking the necessary actions, Ama he said.

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