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gebze halkali marmaray line stall list and fee
gebze halkali marmaray line stall list and fee

The Project of the Century After the Marmaray, the countdown has started for the day of opening of Marmaray, which is accepted as the Istanbul Century's engineering project.

Mountains, plains, rivers, steep rugged terrain, surpassing Turkey to learning from one end to the road network, a new "necklace" is more kazandırılıyor.

Project; As if the tens of thousands of newly constructed divided highways and one of the development criteria, rail systems will be an integral component.

Sultan Abdülmecit in 1860, and Sultan II. Although different periods have come to the agenda since Abdülhamit, some kind of projects, studies, financing and willpower could not be put forward, finally the 1902-year dream started with the laying of the foundations in 150.

Marmaray, similar to Eurotunnel in the English Channel; Combining the European and Asian side under the Bosphorus and HalkalıIt is a 76 km railway improvement project extending from Gebze to.

Besides the deepest immersion tunnel (60 meter) and the most intense ship crossing point, the distance to the North Anatolian fault line at a distance of 20 further increases the importance of the project.

The Project; The fact that 8500 years of information and findings will also shed light on the history of Istanbul during the excavations, which is expressed as “taking the future as a hostage”, seems to have dropped after the planned date.

The Marmaray project; Marmara region and other regions, especially in Istanbul. When the high-speed train (YHT), as well as the European and Asian sides, are integrated with the rapidly established suburban metro connections; trade, tourism, travel, travel and other habits will affect deeply.
Foreseen journey times; Gebze-Halkalı 105, Bostancı-Bakırköy 37, Kadıköy(Söğütlüçeşme) - It will be 12 minutes between Yenikapı and 4 minutes between Üsküdar and Sirkeci. The number of train trips will be between 2-10 minutes, the Bosphorus crossing will be only 2 minutes.

Train speed is 100 km / h

With the introduction of the whole system, it is foreseen that the transportation of 1 million people will be shortened, the loads of the Bosporus and FSM Bridges will be alleviated, carbon dioxide emission, energy and time will be reduced and 36 million / hour will be saved in a year. Every day, the average 5 hundred new vehicles in the metropolis, traffic, thousands of vehicles will be free from traffic. In any case, hundreds of theses are written from different angles for this project.

In most cases, integration into trust, comfort, speed, timing and other means of transport is sought. To this project; When we look at the traffic jams from the solution point, it is seen that it will meet the passenger demands and satisfaction to a great extent.
In the spring of 2013, test drives will begin. The project, which has 37 stations and 8 transfer centers on the surface; Üsküdar, Sirkeci, Yenikapı and Kazlıçeşme stations are more of interest to Istanbul. If passengers will come to these stations with their vehicles and take the train, there must be large capacity Parket-Continue (PR) parking lots. In parallel with the increase in the quality of the transportation main axles, it seems that 'access' to the stations and stops will be provided by taxis.
The tunnel of the world was opened in Beyoğlu in 1875. Most of the existing railways were built in the Ottoman period; As told to Turkey by "Iron Network" is a fact whether or not knitted.

In recent years, attacking projects such as railway construction, high-speed train and Marmaray is a very positive development. In today's world, where the rate of using the rail system is considered as a measure of development, it is certain that our people will increase the comfort and quality of life. With this trend, Istanbul seems to make it a 'habit' to use public transportation the most on the weekends, using public transportation the most like people living in developed brand cities. The proliferation of rail systems will also contribute to the decrease in the rate of 'I got stuck in traffic' excuses.

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