Is the Privatization Order at TÜDEMSAŞ?

Is the Privatization Order at TÜDEMSAŞ?
A privatization of public institutions in Sivas and the finalization of Kangal Thermal Power Plant led to the conversion of eyes to TÜDEMSAŞ.
Demir-Çelik, Cement, Meat Fish Authority, Privatization of Türk Telekom, Dikimevi, State Material Office to be taken from Sivas, the Turkish Grain Office has been reduced to an agency and finally the Kangal Thermal Power Plant to be put on sale in Sivas TUDEMSAS remained the only public investment.
The continuation of the privatization policy led to the question ”Is the line at TÜdemsaş? TÜ.
The restructuring of the railway transport to the agenda, Minister Yilmaz's 27 Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber of Commerce in November on November, the AK Party Sivas Provincial Organization Advisory Council meeting by ranking the successful institutions ın TÜDEMŞAŞ, has two projects. 4,7 million, the 120 million pounds, the 3 spent so much more effort to show that.
It is argued that the restructuring of railway transportation will hit the works of TÜDEMSAŞ and the reduction policy implemented for years will prepare the ground for the privatization of TÜDEMSAŞ.
The realization of this application and the decision of privatization of TÜDEMSAŞ, which has been providing work and education to Sivaslı for years, will cause public investments in Sivas not to remain. In the case of Sivas, this situation will bring unemployment to higher levels and Sivas will turn into a village status by adding new ones to the migrations it has been giving for years.

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